Highlights from my Blogroll June 24, 2012

WoWInsider had a great article in Officers' Quarters - Never say disband.  It was a story very commonly seen - guilds failing and falling apart and leaving the officers/guild leader at a loss at what to do.  In these days of guild levelling, nobody wants to disband a guild anymore because all your hard work would go down the drain.  It made me think about what I would do if our guild was going to fold - not something that will be happening any time soon, but could I let go of my guild?  All the memories?  All the great times?  I don't think I could.  I would keep it somewhere, alive, even as a bank guild and maybe one day it would be ressurected again.   But no talk like that, it might make things come true!  But this piece of advice from the post is totally quotable:
Whatever you decide to do, if you can't revive this guild, I'm convinced that joining another guild with people you know will make for a better long-term experience for you. Don't think of that as a failure, either, but as a fresh start.

I missed listening to Kamalia on TNB and so I got to download it on Wednesday to listen and boy does she sound SO excited to be there!  I actually thought she sounded a bit like Hydra at first (though Hydra sounds like she has a blocked nose).

Listening to the podcast, I made a few notes about Kamalia:
  • Kam's 5th wedding anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks or so!  So I will have to say Happy wedding anniversary on every post of hers for the next few weeks
  • She started with reading Lissanna (Restokin) and Kirina's Closet and then made a blog so she could join Miss M's Circle of Healing survey!
  • I knew she was PhD in Chemistry!  Hence the nerd thing!  So I was right when I was struggling to remember who was the chemistry person.
  • The rewarding thing for her was the community and friendships, which I think most people say in their interview.  It makes me feel honoured to be on her blogroll!
  • She loves levelling.  Which doesn't surprise me with her et Alia altoholic nature...  but honestly I wish I had her stamina and patience!
  • She can't stand PVP!!  ZOMG!
  • LMAO because all her alts' names start with K, there is no way she could name her children any names starting with K!
  • She's been spending 6-7 hours a day on WoW!!! 
Tzufit continued with her final grades series on Tree Heals go Whoosh, and this one The State of the Guild, is a good read, like everything else on her blog!  I should just give her a regular spot on my highlights!


  1. I'm with with Kami on the PvP stuff, I hate it. I thinks is cause I'm too old to be mobile enough.


  2. Yeah, I know, I play too much WoW sometimes.... :P

    Something I didn't quite get the chance to mention on the podcast is that I think that playing Tauren as my first character was important to me getting hooked on WoW. I'm not sure I would have fallen in love with any of the other Horde races quite so easily.

    I don't know so much about the stamina and patience thing re: leveling, though. One reason I have so very many alts is that I like to do a little of this, a little of that, dabble a little here, dabble a little there. I'll play a zone or two -- or maybe just half a zone -- with one alt, then go off and do something different with some other alt.

  3. @Ayelena - When I'm 70 I'm still going to PvP! I might have my first heart attack in PvP even!
    @Kamalia - I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you think Tauren are the best.

  4. I think we always love our first girls best - girls with horns RULE!


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