Guess who is Aussie and is now hanging out in Frostwolves!

I was surprised to see this tweet from Dragonray of Azerothian Life yesterday

So I sent her a PM and said that she could come and be social in my guild, or to contact Cymre because Cymre was also on Dath.  I said that Cym plays on US times, and my guild is mostly Aussie and we play server times.  I thought she was American.  But it turns out, Dragonray is AUSSIE!  Yay, another Aussie blogger!  She said she would like to hang with other Aussies so I said she can come here as a social if that is what she'd like.  Anyway, next thing you know I was getting smiley tells from Heartfyre, a male tauren warrior!

So she joined and had a McTacky welcome!

...and she was trying to get a feel for what our guild was like...

"Blues or reds?" she said
"Red!  HORDE!" replied McTacky
"I think she means football..." I said.
"What does that mean?" said Roshii.
"Go the Maroons!!" said Souglyy.

So it looks like Dragonray still has her NSW roots :)  Victorians don't follow Rugby League!

I was chatting to Dragonray non stop the poor thing.  Here she is trying to browse the AH, and I'm supposed to be healing this ZA bear run and I'm busy chattering away about how I love comics, being a nerd, sci-fi TV shows, and how I LOVE the Avengers.  And I was whinging about failing Warmaster.  She started giving me tips and encouragement, and then after 5 mins we had a laugh as she realised I meant HEROIC Warmaster LOL.  I asked her about her other guild and her raiding too.  Gosh, so many things we chatted about.  It was nice :)  She said she was going to make a post on some Avenger nails!  And she did :)

Anyway, it was exciting to have another blogger in the guild.  I told everyone she was famous LOL.

But at least now her lonely warrior has a place to call home.  Big warm welcome to Heartfyre, I hope he likes it here.


  1. I think we need to make you a Laid Back Raid Ambassador so you can bring along all the Aussie folk with you. ;)

    I also need to quit posting the Moment In Time picture within days of my Posthumous chapters, because your writing makes me go O_O in amazement and then I have to try and focus on mine.

  2. @JD - Your story is amazing, and I feel a bit funny because I just realised all your pictures are Drake and I'm writing stories off track!

  3. I am sure he will be very happy :) He was a little chuffed to be with people he sort of already knew from my waffling. He will be happier once i get his gear up again, he doesn't like being a scruffy warrior.

    I did find it funny that no one knew what I was on I am almost as obsessed with rugby as I am with WoW..I even watch UK rugby :p

    1. Bah, League's not Rugby.... and neither of them are football! (and fairy ball isn't football either, Victorians!)

      But welcome to the Frosties :)

    2. Woah! I am for all rugby, I wasn't going to type out all the codes I follow, but it was the easiest way of saying the sport :p lol

      I am of a rugby purist, as long as large mean are smacking down I am happy :)

  4. Glad you found a place for your warrior

  5. Oh. In that case then I prefer Blue team. Afterall it has Church and Caboose. Much better than Sarge and Grif.

  6. @McTacky - Well you should be going blues anyway. You live in NSW!


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