Fun with Potions of Illusion

After Roshii was showing us his fish prize for winning the fishing competition, Aza decided to use his Potion of Illusion to copy him so he could be a "fish out of water" LOL.

And then I thought I'd do it too!


Then I wanted to look like Thekal, so I asked Roshii to duel me, but the weird thing was, I duelled him and then he changed,  I took the potion, and then when I went droppe duel, it dropped off.  So we got Az to come in and get it off me before I left the duel, so when I left the duel, he had it still.  So then we all took it from Az.  I was laughing because the second time, it was taking forever to proc and a bystander made a comment saying "That duel is going to go forever LOL" and Aza said "We're taking pictures for a blog can you step out of the picture please?"  And then Aza started giving out some publicity for my blog LOL!  He should get commission or something!

Then Az said the funniest thing.  "I want to be Tony the Tiger," he said.  "And if you don't know who Tony the Tiger is, well you just suck."
"I know who that is," I said, "He's the tiger from Frosties."
The penny dropped. OMG.

Az and I both said "OMG, that is just awesome OMG BLOG MATERIAL!!!"

We had an extra fan who wanted to join in on the fun!


  1. OMG! A gang of Tony the Tigers! LOL! Now I like to see a sight like that on my server!

  2. Ahahahaha! That's hilarious! I love the Piranha Gang and the troupe of tigers :D

  3. And here, I was only having fun using the potions to mirror folks in my raid... I was missing out on SO MUCH MORE!!! Thanks Navi!!

    (Sorry, published last comment with my old Blogger profile, not even sure what info is in there anymore :)

  4. I love the shark attack picture, although you're all lucky that toxic wasteling didn't eat you all up :D

  5. @TotA - LOL, the whole Tony being on FROSTIES (which is what we Frostwolves call ourselves) was what made me want to make more of us! That would have been epic!
    @Matty - LOL indeed!
    @Kamalia - Thank you my friend, we had a good luaugh too!
    @Rilandune - Don't forget to try it on someone who is Tarecgosa or Vial of the Sands for some really confusing fun!
    @Erinys - Pfft, I eat toxic wastelings for breakfast :D /grin


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