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What is it you want, but know you can't get your hands on and have to stare at longingly whenever you log in?

I asked Navimie, my druid, about what it was in Azeroth that she really wanted.  Something that she knew she could never have.  She scratched her head and started talking about Fox Kits and Invincible, but I told her that she can actually HAVE those if I took her out to farm TB peninsula more, or ran heroic LK hundreds of times... (yeah... like that's going to happen).  So those are things that are possible to have, what I wanted to know was something that was IMPOSSIBLE for her to have.

And then I remembered something I did want before.  Some time in Cataclysm, I said I wish I could have a Naaru as a vanity pet, a companion.  I thought those giant shiny snowflakes looked really cool, and I thought a little one would be so squeeee!  I told one of my guildies, Roshii, and he was shocked.

"Nav, you can't have that as a pet!"
"But it's so cute!!"
"They're immortal GODS, Nav.  You can't keep a god as a pet."
"But maybe a baby one....?"
"Nav... you can't keep a god as a PET, even a baby one.  That's so demeaning.  That's just wrong!"

So.  That is one thing I want which I could never have.  I want a Naaru vanity pet.  Here are some pictures of various Naaru around in Azeroth/Outland some darkened, and some light.  Aren't they just so shiny?? :D Every time I go to Shattrath, I look at them and think... I want one! (Pictures from

So on further consideration, I thought about all those pets I didn't have because I didn't buy the collector's editions.  I only got the Cataclysm Collector's Edition, so I don't have Frosty, Mini DiabloPanda Cub or Mini Thor.

Damned servers are down or I would go find people with those pets so I can take a pic!

And one other thing I wish I had more of... pics from the server events before an expansion.  The opening of the gates of AQ, all the scourge stuff... those events were EPIC, and it feels like the last one wasn't so epic.  Bring more EPICness back Blizzard!  I was at those events but I have nothing to show for it :(

Hmm, though maybe some of my guildies may have pics from those events!  This might solve part of that dilemma!

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  1. I've always thought the unique mounts would be cool to have like the Wooly Mammoth, Zebrva, Rooster and the Mega Man- er, Mimiron mount. And if raid bosses can drop mounts, why can't they drop mini pet versions of themselves? We already have Lil XT, KT and Rags, how about a Lil Marrowgar, Chimeron, Omnitron, Al'Akir and Baleroc? Oh, and a Murozond pet too, lol.

  2. @arvash - can you imagine your toy shop then? It would huge! I do think Lil Marrowgar is a good one. My daughter used to call him butterfly.

    1. How about a Lil' Ill, complete with mini Warglaives? haha

  3. A tiny little Naaru would be cute, but yeah, Immortal God as a companion pet just seems wrong, lol!

    Although there are many things that I'll never be able to get I just can't think of anything that bothers me not to have. Hmmm ... must be something.

  4. @TotA - that's because a humble soul like yourself is easily pleased. It's good not to crave things - it leads you on a path to dissatisfaction. Oh my I sound like Matty - that comment was too deep sounding for me!

  5. Aww, I got all excited for a second, until I saw you got the pics from WoWhead... Tauren in the Exodar! :D

    But seriously, though... No making a pet out of my faith-guides! Can you picture me using the Earth Mother as a pet? ;) hehe

    ~ Effy

  6. I'd like to see the alliance and horde live in harmony and not fight each other all the time. Now this is an impossible thing, as the game would be broken, but i think we should be able to chat with alliance toons.


  7. @Effy - I have been to Exodar many times, but not to take pictures of that overgrown Xmas decoration :P Ok ok making a pet out of your faith guides sounds really bad!!! But come on look at them! They were made to be miniaturised and follow you around like one of those Geodes!
    @Ayelena - I wish we had a world peace day and for that one day we could talk to and raid with alliance :)

  8. I always thought they looked quite spectacular, albeit quite blinding sometimes. A pet would have been nice, but if not one of them specifically, then something similar that looks like them, although I'm not sure what. A snowflake?

  9. @Cymre - A snowflake, definitely! :D


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