A battleground and some gentlemen

What does it mean when you see Shab and Sev?

It means it's time for some PvP!

Az and Sev were already PvPing and I was bumming around in Tol Barad, so they came to join me.  Shab was in D3 and asked if we were PvPing and yes, we were, so he hurriedly came along too.  Lush was still in D3 but it was shutdown so he was moving over as well.

We had some good games and some bad ones.  The first Gilneas was bad, the AB was good, and all the WSGs were good.  Twin peaks was good too.  It was cute, in one WSG, this paladin looked at us and said "Yay Frostwolves!" Sev seemed pleased to have a fan, he waved benevolently at him.

Anyway, it was a very pleasant match, and it was nice to see this in BG chat.  Glad to see that polite people do BGs as well.

Then the next WSG I was the only healer... sigh, the single healer in a BG is getting old.  Anyway, there was a lot of pessimism around, not from our party of course, saying we only have one healer, we're going to be 3 capped...  Shab saved my ego by saying "One AWESOME healer!" so after that he stopped whining.  And what was there to whine about... it was a good game.  We 3 capped them, even though they had 4 healers.

A good night.  Geez, someone remind me to spend my honour points please... I should be stocking up on enchanting supplies.


  1. Yay Frostwolves! See, you have fans everywhere!

  2. @TotA - I think they were happy to see a semi premade :)


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