Arena Tournament - Final days

Last night wasn't as good as previous runs.  We had 2 teams who were just there for the pets, I think one of their teams was even named as such.  One was a 3 rogue team, the other was a lone warrior.  Though they did bring our wins up, it didn't feel like we were improving ourselves... in fact, I felt like I was getting stupider because I wasn't really thinking, just mindlessly dpsing with no strategy at all.

But the challenging team of the night was the paladin, shadow priest and death knight.  They were hard!  Skillwise, they were good, and their combination was good.  Paladin puts that damn freedom on and makes them immune to my ccs.  Shadow priest - mana burns me when I'm busy running from the DK, and also dispels fears and stuff.  And DKs and their damned anti magic bubble, and their freezes and stuff.... ugh, my roots doesn't affect them and against 3 casters, it's really crappy. They killed us every time, and on our LAST go, we killed the priest but then I died, and the paladin was low.. bubbled and healed... we were so close!  We were so excited that we almost killed them, that we thought we'd get heaps of points but it wasn't to be, but damn that was a good game.

However, we managed to get 16 games played last night.  At least we're well over the 50 and so we will have a pet, but a shame we can't get the title.  Oh well, there's always next tournament!  Our ranking was now 702, yay!  So we managed to climb up a little bit!  However, it doesn't feel like a real victory because some of those wins were farming wins and not a real challenge of our skill.

We still have a bit to learn.  I think I need to do more LOS, that's one thing I'm not that good at.  And I wish Sev would talk more but that's like asking Moo not to talk about his balls, really.


  1. I was under the impression that 'Vanquisher' was given out to everyone in the top 1000 (~1300 rating), are you talking about a different title?
    In any case, well done! Looking forward to seeing the murloc.

  2. Can't wait to see your new pet! And how can you make that statement about Moo without elaborating, it's like a cliffhanger, lol.

  3. @toki - I have to play 100 games to get the title :( ran out of time
    @TotA - LOL ok ok! Whenever moo says something, the conversation will inevitably have him saying his balls are itchy/sweaty/hot/hanging just randomly thrown in...

  4. ROTFL! Thank you, now I don't feel like I'm watching the end of the season cliffhanger anymore!

  5. I remember now, you mentioned the 100 games prerequisite in your previous arena post.. Aww! :(
    I also remember reading elsewhere that buying the arena pass now will grant access to Mists of Pandaria AT, maybe you'll find more time then.

    Yay sweaty balls mental image!

  6. Balls? Sweaty? Pets? Gods I am out of touch.

  7. @TotA - LOL I will have to tell Moo someone said his balls were cliffhangers!
    @Toki - it actually gives you level 90 trial tournament but not the actual tournament. So we can practice level 90 arena before we get there. Not sure how useful that will be though...
    @Matty - LOL if you rearrange that you get "I touch pets sweaty balls, am out of Gods" ok totally random and ridiculous!


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