Anshi the Green paladin

Anshi (Zenhira) stopped me the other day to ask advice on a new weapon.  I was sad because I really liked the sword that he had before, but he got a new tanking mace and needed something to match.  I liked this mace the best, and the new shield he got as well looks awesome.

Shoulders: Jade Warrior Pauldrons
Chest: Breastplate of Tarnished bronze
Gloves: Fel Iron Plate Gloves
Waist: Judgement Belt
Legs: Fel Iron Plate Pants
Boots: Fel Iron Plate Boots
Weapon: Gurubashi Punisher
Shield: Blessed Qiraji Bulwark

And, would you believe, this avid transmogger did not have MogIt!  I told him he MUST get it and he did, and he loves it, and I wonder what other new sets he has made since I told him about that fantastic time wasting add-on!


  1. Oooh, that's a very nice set indeed!

  2. Very Nice set.
    I loooove that Shield!!! It looks very cool!

  3. This is a kick ass armor and a weapon set,, a very intimidating one..


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