Another Salty Frostwolf!

Roshii sent me some excited text messages on Sunday - and unfortunately I missed them all until AFTER the whole event was done!

The first message was Roshii asking me to help him in the fishing contest by fishing everyone else's pools, yes I shamefully admit that I have done that before...

And then the next message was him winning!  That was so cool!  I was super excited for him, because I know how thrilling it is to win that competition!  Congrats to Salty Roshii!

And you know what else I noticed...

Roshii's back in 3rd spot again!  So much for true love's sacrifice, eh?


  1. It was sunday nav! Look at the sexy female orc fish!!


  2. Oh and i feel so guilty grabbing that #3 spot back :( (So sorry babe )


  3. Navi!!!! I hope you never fish from the pools I'm at!

    Sadly though, I've tried to win that competition a gazillion times...I've pretty much given up hope on it.

    Hrm roshii aint far away from aza either!

  4. @Roshii - fixed!
    @Faithy - I only do it to nasty alliance people! Or if I'm trying to help a friend :) I would never do it to my own friends!


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