Achievement hunting in ZG

No tanks today for raid, so it was off to do some dungeon achievements.  Souglyy, McTacky and Lushnek needed a bear run and Aza offered to tank it for them.  I was going to heal it but since Tacky was there I didn't need to go.

They got the achievement easy enough!  So that was good.  Silly Tacky didn't stay till the end, he could have gotten another achievement!

After that I came back and we did ZG for achievements.  It was good because we did every achievement there for Souglyy and I got 3 achievements too!  Ohganot so Fast, Here Kitty, Kitty.... and Spirit Twister.


Had to laugh at Az.  We ran past those masks that spit flame and he said "I wonder if this still hurts?"  And he stood in the fire.  "Ow.. ow.. OW.." he was dead.  We all laughed.  Roshii said "Gee Az, if I rub my face against this cactus, I wonder if this will hurt?"  I told Faith that Az was trying to emulate her.

I got to DPS up for Ohganot so Fast, and I didn't die!  That was cool.  Here Kitty Kitty... we did the slow way because I didn't want to stuff it up.  Roshii thinks I'm being a wuss because he reckons we should pull all the cats.  I mean, seriously, we're doing an achievement, why do we have to make it so hard?  Just do it without making it stressful for me so that I don't stuff up and drop my rat or something!  Holding the rats looks so cool, I had to take pics of it.

Oh and look at this pic of me eating.  It looks like I'm eating rat!

Spirit Twister was really different to how I thought it would be.  Az said when he goes into that phase, you run down and pick up lots of spirits from the GROUND level, and then AOE and you get the achievement!  You don't even have to kill the boss.  That was pretty cool.  I even made a quick video of it here.

So that pushed Souglyy and Roshii into the same achievement points.  I thought that was cute.  They should try to stay that way now.  Az says he will be 14k achievement points when Mists comes out.  There is no way I can catch up to him on that!

So look at the tally now... Roshii and Baha with equal points in 2nd and 3rd spot.  I bet they're really pleased :)  Think they'll try to stay the same points from now on just to be the cute couple?


  1. What fun! That picture with you all holding rats is really nifty. You almost look like you're putting it up onto your shoulder :D

    1. @kamalia - I noticed you're on TNB this weekend! Grats! I will be downloading to listen!

  2. The pics of us holding the rats are so funny :) Was a lot of fun, thanx guys :)


  3. Already missing raids ): bring on MOP


  4. Those Zul chieves elude me to this day....maybe with my new guild I can get a cracker-jack group together to get them done...looks like fun!

  5. @Souglyy - I like those rat pics! They look cool!
    @Voe - I miss raiding too!
    @Matty - It is fun, hope that new guild of yours will help you along there!

  6. (¯`v´¯)
    / \

  7. Oh, the rat pictures are perfect! So you were typing in between holding rats!

  8. @Mctacky - I love that thing you guys have been spamming!
    @TotA - You know I love rats :)


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