What's that? Ulduar AGAIN?

I don't think I'm ever going to get Nerf Scrapbots on 10 man.   That really is an achievement on 10 man!  Sev and Lushnek were going to 3 man with me for some old achievements, and then Roshii and Souglyy were happy to come, and Falln got online and he came as well, and Tacky wanted to come, and we'd already asked Tout so it turned into one big group!  Of course, when you have one big group you have someone who needs the meta achievements... so we ended up doing those for people.  Not that I minded too much, as long as we did some of the ones I wanted to do.  After all, of everyone there, I think I do the most runs for everyone else's achievements more than anyone.  And as long as I get one achievement, I don't mind.

I got 3 new achievements!  But we did a heap for everyone else so everyone got something so they should be happy :)  I think of everyone I got the least.  However achievements aren't the only cool things in there, Ulduar has some fantastic transmog items!

But we did Unbroken and Take out those Turrets (though for some reason Roshii didn't get his but Souglyy did) on Flame Leviathan, A Quick Shave on Razorscale, Shattered on Ignis.. those were easy.  Nerf Scrapbots... bloody hell.  We had a mage and a hunter and we still couldn't keep ranged on those things.  And the one time they all came out they were too close to him so we blew them up but couldn't get the others... BLAH!!!  But for those who didn't have it we did Must Deconstruct Faster and Nerf Gravity Bombs.

Can't do that While Stunned on Iron council was good, thank goodness Lushnek, Roshii and Falln were there to interrupt it, and killing him first helped a lot with that achievement.  I even said that was quick and Lush said "Well he spent most of his time on his ass..." which made me giggle.  Maybe the achievement should be called Can't do that While I'm flat on my ass... LOL.  We also did I Choose you Steelbreaker for those who needed it.

Falln and Lushnek needed Disarmed from Kologarn, and so we did Rubble and Roll for the others as well.  Nothing there for me, since I've managed to score them all already :)  We followed that up with Crazy Cat Lady for Lushnek so he could complete his Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 player).

Hodir was a massive achievement spam.  Between members of the group they got I could Say that this Cache was Rare, Getting Cold in Here, I have the Coolest Friends, and Cheese the Freeze.  Pretty much every achievement in one go.

Thorim was going to be tricky, if we wanted Who Needs Bloodlust? then we needed a priest to mind control the mob and give us the buff.  Tout had Idefix who had NO GEAR and 20k health or something at level 80 but we managed to pull it off somehow.  We also managed to do Lose Your Illusion and I'll Take you All On

People still needed Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood, so we had to do that, but we also managed to get Con-speed-a-tory and Getting Back to Nature (which was a surprise for me since I didn't have that one).  The interesting thing was they were killing Freya faster than she could heal herself so it was a very quick fight indeed.

Onto Mimiron and Tacky need Firefighter so we had to do that which made trying to do Not-So-Friendly Fire really hard.  So I will have to come back and do that another time, and people keep getting hit by stuff so no hope for Set Up Us the BombMimiron's Flight goggles dropped and I was excited!! Roshii won it though, so I was not that lucky but at least it went to someone who appreciated it.  LOL Roshii said he's been after that for ages, and it reminded me of the time the Chicken mount dropped in Magister's Terrace and the person I went with said they've been after that mount for ages... and I let him have it.  And then that person left the guild!!! Bastard!  At least I know Roshii isn't going anywhere, and he'll wear it.  I have to stop wanting things, my bags are full.  And my bank.  And my Void Storage...

On Vezax people still needed the meta achievement so we had to do that (I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning) but I really wanted to get Shadowdodger.  We were doing well then Tacky stuffed up and poor Tacky got a tongue lashing from me because doing his achievement meant I couldn't get mine!  So we did it again and we were SO CLOSE then Lushnek got hit by a shadow crash while we were killing the Saronite Animus and I was so upset that we were so close that I said forget it, let's kill it on normal, come back and do it when we don't have to have the silly Animus up.  I think I had tears in my eyes!  Poor Lushnek, he felt so bad, but I think me being upset about that last achievement was mostly being tired, sick kids crying and the urge to go upstairs and put the whining son back to bed... because really I shouldn't be upset because that achievement is easy when we don't have to worry about the Animus.  So next week I can do it.  So my apologies for the grouchiness at the end, it was out of character and I'll just do it again next week!

I wouldn't let anyone do Yogg because I wanted to wait for Aza.  We are going to get the goddamn guild achievement if it kills me.  And I'm going to do it after raid tonight.  I will drag everyone there!


  1. OO grats! I would love to finish my ach's in there, but I have achs all over the place lol from naxx, Ulduar and ICC. Sounds like you had a fun night allround =)

  2. I wish I wasn't so tired yesterday, as I would have loved to come, but we had a very full on day with my grandson performing in his first dance recital. As a proud grandparent I had to go and watch. He seemed a little tenative during the first show, but come the second he'd gained confidence. I think he'll be a great dancer if he persues it.


  3. Those goggles are very cool :)


  4. @faithy - I was looking for you but now you have explained your health scare...
    @ayelena - old fart :p
    @roshii - I expect them in a mog soon!


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