Wednesday raiding - Return of the Fuefue

Hwired rang me to say he's not getting on tonight because State of Origin is on.  He usually doesn't logon when AFL is on, so it wasn't much of a surprise, but I did go and call Cap'n Fuefue when he didn't reply my sms.  He was in the middle of a fight on D3 when he answered and he died.  Whoops!  I felt bad.  So I asked him if he could come and tank tonight and he said yes, but he didn't think he could help on progress and I said we'll just do normal heroics.

Voe also was a no show (he showed up an hour late and whispered me because he forgot about raid!) but we had 3 healers anyway, so it wasn't a huge deal.  Dragged Sev in, who somehow cut his finger (Aza said it was because he has such an awesome Razor Mouse.. ha ha ha /grin) and we had a full group.  So Fue hadn't killed Zon'ozz or Hagara so was a bit hesitant on them.  Zon'ozz was fine, and Hagara was ouchie.  Fue was super squishy!  And I was not used to being with Souglyy so working from that side was kinda freaky, and I kept forgetting, but it was quite good I thought, people did ice lances rather well - stepping into ones that needed help.  Dispels were pretty good, only one bad dispel, and the usual lightning not chaining crap but after a few goes we got it.  Sexy Ring of the Riven for me!  Ultraxion was interesting because we didn't have an extra person to take the last twilight but we did have 2 guardian spirits, so Aza was going to stay out with me, and amazingly he lived on the 6th one when he didn't have it.  Fue picked up heroic gloves... I can't even get them, and he gets them to drop in the first day raiding in 2 months?  Geez talk about luck!

Gutsy was not wanting to raid so we let him leave early so we could bash our heads on boat.  Hwired had reappeared in D3, so I begged him to come, and reluctantly he came.  Big hugs to Hwired!  Fue DPS'd and we just bashed our heads at it over and over, and Fue said now he realises why we hate it so much.  Stupid fire.

Afterwards we did some arena, but Tournament arena seemed to be down, so we came back to live and did some games.  We didn't do that well, though there was one epic game with a shaman, hunter and warrior, and we lost badly to them the first time, and the second time I died, then they managed to kill the shaman and the hunter and warrior remained.  Then Shab died, and I was like "Oh, we were so close, that was a good game." But Sev, never gives up.  The hunter's health was whittled down, and Sev kept persisting, and using his bridge and portal trick and he killed the hunter and then killed the warrior.  /bow to the great Sevros!!!  We had dreadful games after that, but some good ones, and we ended up losing rating for the night.  Oh well, practice is always good!


  1. Most of my real id friends got so hooked on D3 they are not coming back to wow :( WoW is getting boring on my server :( We don't have many hip happening stuff...

    1. @CateJ - Orgrimmar is empty these days!


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