Wednesday raiding - the nail in the coffin

I think after last night, heroic raiding is officially over.

It started out ok.  We were dragging people into raid, as we have been in the past month or two now, and we managed to have a full group after 20 minutes of scrounging.  People were in reasonably good spirits - Hwired was teasing me because I tried to cover up the fact that I didn't know what frangers were in my last post (when we were having our tampon talk) by thinking it was something else. Fue was dragged out of D3 and he was saying how the boat is his favourite fight and I expressed my surprise, to which he replied "That was sarcasm, Navi."  Hey, sometimes with Fue you can't tell!  And Sev was there... surprisingly... and even Shab said he would come to help out.  But we didn't need Shab in the end so he was happy to stay in D3, but he came later.  Falln got a bleeding nose mid raid.  Roshii told him to put a tampon in it.  Falln says he gets bleeding noses every day but only during raid time.  He thought maybe the stress of that stupid fight was making his nose bleed.  That made me giggle.  That and the thought of  a tampon string hanging out of his nose ><

The one awesome attempt we had we hit enrage and Bish was doing amazing healing but we had 2 dps dead and we couldn't do it.  But that was pretty cool, and I was proud of Bish and he was feeling pretty proud of himself too :)

But then it was just awful after that and the fire everywhere, people dying before phase 2.... by the end of the night, Hwired had enough.  He said he didn't want to do this fight ever again, he'll do alt runs but he will not do boat.  Ever.  Period.

Was he venting?  Maybe.  Was he serious?  Probably.  I would have liked to get heroic spine down, but it obviously just wasn't meant to be.  Besides, this is the only expansion we are actually DOING that sort of stuff.

It was looking at Shoryl's blogroll (where I found myself on it the other day, much to my excitement) and she said this about my blog: a blog about being in a casual raiding guild (for values of casual that involve raiding 4 days a week and doing heroics!)...
Are we casual?  What casual guild does heroics?  We do like raiding, but we aren't just a raiding guild, we have a large social component to it as well.  Anyway, for me, I'm disappointed, and wondering what to do in the meantime about raiding, but I do have other diversions.  And what happens to those people who are only in the guild to raid?  Do you think they have the patience to wait it out till Mists?  In truth, I think yes, because I know we'll just start up raiding again when we all hit 90 and it will be 25s for a while before we drop back into 10s again.

Anyway, speaking of other diversions, after a lousy raid, a good round of arena always helps.  Sev and Shab are always eager for it.  Shab and I were still really excited about our last lot of games and I think us talking got Sev half enthusiastic too.  Hard to tell with Sev sometimes.  Sev was still moping about his cut finger, and he has a cold.  Shab said he was walking to work and was still thinking about our wins from the other day.  At least we are like minded in that way.  We logged in to find a whole heap of dead bodies in Gurubashi arena.  It was like a slaughterhouse.  But there was nobody left alive around there... interesting.

There were only 3 teams battling last night on Tournament (including us), and we did hit our 50 games.  There was one team that caned us - rogue, warlock and shaman - but to be fair, they were very good, their cc's were excellent on me and it meant that they hardly went down in health at all.  There was one hunter shaman and warlock that we came up against, and we changed our strat a little and killed the hunter first.  Shaman CC was a bit hard, because I was getting hit by pets and had to run around healing myself a lot, but I managed to get a few off, and tree form helped.  The shaman left after the hunter died.  There was one team with a DK and that was the first DK I can remember seeing on Tournament that whole time we were there.  Interesting that it's not so popular.  Usually that kind of team canes us.

I finally managed to check our stats on the realm and saw we finally got a ranking!  Woot 714!  I looked at our team composition and there are only 4 teams with our composition.  3 of them have a resto druid, the other one has a feral druid.  I've listed the resto druid ones here.

Well, that at least sets a goal for us.  There is no way we could get into the top 20!  But if we were the topped ranked team of our composition that would be a great feeling for us!  Oh, if you're in the top 1000 teams and play 100 games then you can get the Vanquisher title!  However, I don't think we will be able to do that because Shab has to go away from 4-6 so we won't be able to get our games.  And he has a talk to do.  Damn!  That would have been really exciting, since we are ranked now in the top 1000.

So tonight... I'm not sure what we're doing.  But it sure as hell isn't heroic Dragon Soul.


  1. I'm sure Shoryl only took what she saw from your banner text.

    I'd be a little worried if all you saw was the string hanging out if someone's nose though...

  2. Your rat pic is cracking me up. And the whole casual v hardcore thing-- I am not sure I will ever understand the nuances--I suppose it's all in context.

    Maybe everyone just needs a break--now to look up that word you used.

  3. Oh...hahahahah!

  4. That rat pic is SWEET , I had a good chuckle over that one

    I too was trying to imagine someone with a tampon up a nostril, I guess it would be no different to the man who ran around the living room with libra wing pads stuck all over his clothing.

    Least Falln would use less tissues, but tissues are cheaper than tampons (i think?)

    Maybe a break is in order! Come over to MoPBeta =P
    Yes I've been soloing over there a bit

    Grats on your arena tournament progress!

  5. Sorry to hear about your raid team crashing and burning (literally). It's "just that time of the xpac", I think. Lately, BTH's current guild has been running 10s more often than not and even those are struggling to keep progressing.

    Grats on your arena successes, though, and may you continue to climb the ladder!

  6. PVP marathon Friday night!

  7. That is so great about your arena team, go Night Fangs!

  8. @Cymre - now you're making me laugh all over again!
    @Matty - I finally have an excuse to use that pic! I have been eyeing it for ages! And urban dictionary is hilarious :)
    @Faith - I have been avoiding beta. I want to be surprised! :)
    @Kamalia - TY :) it's not that bad really more arena time :)
    @Shab - LOL 50 games you reckon?
    @TotA - TY Ancient!!

  9. Wow, that is quite huge! I hope you can keep it up - I'd love to see some more resto druids in the rankings!

  10. Navi...
    tampons in the nose... well... I am sure you have seen it Navi. That's essentially what they use in hospitals, except it is not formally called a tampon. It is much easier to use compare to those damned nasal packing thingy. (unless you wanna give him a modified foley's cathether to use).

    Falln should go see a doc about this. There may be a reason he is bleeding all the time



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