Wednesday raiding - Grass is always Greener...

It seemed annoying that we still make mistakes on farm bosses - though we were trying to do an achievement for Morchok and just making sure we positioned right was maybe the confusing thing.  Anyway, after wiping we DID get our achievement Don't Stand So Close to me.

And as usual, lots of rubbish dropped from the other bosses.  Protector and more Protector.  In fact the only non protector thing that dropped was the shoulders, which I forgot that I didn't have as offspec and so Lushnek gave them to me.  I did get some offspec boots too.  And Ring of the Riven dropped, which Lushnek got.  And you know what, Voe only JUST figured out that Grounding totem would take the Shattered Ice.  I thought he knew that all along.  I have even mentioned it briefly before!  Shows you how much he reads or listens to stuff.  We had to laugh when he said "What's the cooldown on that?" when he was talking about the time between shattered ice's and I was giggling because we were making fun of him because it sounded like he was asking the cd of grounding totem, which as a shaman, he should know. 

Augment was excited, he has almost finished his Legendaries!  He was complaining that he was the last, and I said that was because he hadn't been raiding for so long, or he would have finished it heaps earlier.  I'll need to take a picture of him later.

But as usual, the boat was the sinker.  In my opinion, it was much better than other times we had done it.  We got to phase 2 quite a few times.  Now it's ok for everyone else, because they have killed it many more times than I have, but I can't see jack when that dragon lands on the boat and there's fire everywhere and I'm looking at the ground for the clouds, and I'm looking for the healing debuff - though really, I don't have to look for it anymore, it pops up on my healbot now.  I was 2 healing with Bish, because Voe wanted to go play Diablo.  And it wasn't that bad, just trying to catch up during Phase 2 is hard, especially if you're getting stunned, or running out of the purple circles or fire.

And then came the conflict.  Fue had commented before about extending the raid lockout for progress.  I am all for that, especially now that Augment has finished collecting clusters.  But there is some conflict about it, and I can understand, because some of us still need gear.  But on the flipside, it's getting frustrating doing the same things all the time.  So, I think the best solution is to have one clear every 2 weeks.  Drop raiding down to 2 days a week to allow people to play other games and not get totally sick of raiding, say, maybe Wednesday and Thursday, and then extend the raid lockout so the following week Wednesday and Thursday we can work on the stuff for progress.  Wednesday seems to be our best raid day, in terms of attendance.  I really would like to get Spine down before Mists of Pandaria hits, but I'm not sure if we can.  So with this 2 week raid thing, those that get sick of doing the farm stuff can sit out for those parts, and come in for the progress, and those that don't want to raid on the extended week coz there is no loot and do something else can sit out for that part.  I think it is a nice solution.

Oh and here's a picture of Az and his lucky red streak!  From 3 of those Crystalline Geodes, Az got one of each red gem.  Silly cool thing for the day!


  1. the lockout is the go if we ae going to get anywere this late in the patch.But if people are going to sit out on the lockout week there we might as well just call it quits all together, and that would be shit.I fully understand that people still need gear but gear isnt realy a problem with the nerfs now.
    It would just be a massive let down for the whole team if people dont want to participate because they dont want to wipe all night on a boss we have only killed 3 times and on spine and madness.
    Be team players guys, dont let others down.if we are only going to raid 2 or 3 nights a week then we wont be getting a chance to have a go that the new kills if we are going to start from the start every week, the only way we will progress is the lockout way.....think about it!


  2. Pretty happy to do whatever as long as we raid
    - Roshii

  3. I'm all for extending the lockout for 2 weeks. It's not like we are never going to get loot, I mean geez its only for 1 week! and the bonus is that we get to progress, so I still see it as a win win :)

    Souglyy (Baha)

  4. totaly agree with both of you



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