Wednesday raiding - 20% nerf

So we're up to 20% nerf, and we have not been able to replicate our boat kill.  Sigh.

Well there were a lot of factors against us.  Falln was lagging - his internet has been the pits lately.  Secondly, we had 2 rogues in the group.  That really sucks for boat.  The rest of the night went ok however.

Shab would not reply any of my tells last night, he sat out, and we were trying to get him back, but I don't know whether he was upset or PvPing.  I would prefer to assume the latter as that is what I am like when I'm PvPing - I don't answer anything or talk to anyone and I miss tells all the time.

So 2 healing Morchok was interesting.  Probably because it was nerfed, but healing my side was easy - 20% less damange surely is a good thing for me!  Gutsy did the Morchok side by himself and everyone died - though as everyone died, it went to the black thing on the ground phase, so we could all run away, heal up and try to damage the boss from a distance.  And as the two of them came running towards us I threw out a few heals and boom!  It was dead.  Phew.  And yay me I got my Petrified Fungal heart.

Yor'sahj was a bit silly.  The blob reached the boss on the first wave /facepalm.  I can only assume it was because we had only 3 people hitting the blob and the 3 melee weren't.  But the next go was fine.

Zon'ozz was a bit of an oops because I died running into the ball trying to get to purple I think.  I honestly thought I was behind the boss, but hey, that's what it said happened!  Vanquisher gloves dropped yay!  So Lushnek got those.

Hagara was messy but it got done, and Vanquisher shoulders dropped, so Augment got his first heroic Vanquisher Tier.

Tout was on best behaviour, which was good, as tension was high last night.  People were cranky, and I could understand, and he didn't make any mistakes on Ultraxion.  Souglyy died accidentally - gosh I don't think I've ever seen her die before from button mistake!  And then Aza died on purpose on the last one hour of twilight because he wanted to see if he could take the damage from it.  And... no.  He went splat.  Lushnek got heroic boots (he asked me if I wanted them and I forgot to look at them I think) and Heroic Protector dropped, and Voe got that for his Ele set and he was thrilled.  He was using it to DPS for Warmaster.  Gutsy and I were going to heal it.

Falln tried to come back for Warmaster but his connection was still crap, so Capn Fue Fue graced us with his presence!  He said that his wrist was better, and he was happy to come along, and everyone was happier with Fue there.  Though I wanted might, and Roshii said Hwired does that, and I said there's no MP5 on that, but then Voe does that, so poor Fue was feeling really unwanted :P But it wasn't too bad, and I think most people had calmed down by then.  And then... WHO said that I hadn't done any Kamikaze for a while, and of course, after that I died lots of times to barrages.  Sigh.  Fue asked us how many times we had killed it and Aza said we spent 3 weeks doing it trying to get Navi not to die to barrages.  Voe said I should make a list of all my excuses for dying in barrages, which would probably be quite an extensive list:
  • I swear Lushnek was in there!
  • Oops I forgot to top myself up.
  • But Souglyy was there!  She was, in my screen!
  • Oops, I didn't step out of that one fast enough.
  • But I DID use barkskin....
  • I thought Sev was going to make it...
  • I didn't want to get yelled at again for leaving Voe to die in it
  • I was NOT staring at the wall, I was healing!  Didn't you see my hands moving?
Anyway, you get the idea :D  So Fue said we could ask him to come any time now his hand is better, so maybe later this week we'll have more luck.  Fingers crossed - and then we can go bash our heads on Heroic Spine for a while.


  1. I must have missed the tells. Probably was having a bit too much fun pwning undergeared alliance trying to do their childrens week achievement in Eots. Great for hk farming! I did hang around Org after you killed Ultraxion for a while to wait to see if I was needed but didn't get any tell, so went back to pvp.

  2. @Shab - how funny that you wrote that because I was just writing a post about those poor people trying to do their Children's week achievements :D


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