Arena tournament - We are Borg. We will adapt.

I forgot to mention that on the Tournament Realm you can actually talk to the opposing faction!  Well, not whisper them exactly but if you /say you can talk and they can talk back.  It's actually rather cool.  I wish that you could do that more in Sanctuary places, like Dalaran and Shattrath.  I think that it's really neat.

And, you wouldn't believe this, but we are actually learning something here.  One of the things about games here is that you get the same team over and over, because other people must be playing at different times because it must be people from all over the world or something.  And, because we get to do the same team over and over, it's almost like we're Borg... we learn, and adapt.

Borg adapted to phasers
Worf: "Sir, they've adapted."

Like that poor shaman/warlock/priest team from yesterday, Sunday's team we adapted to was a shaman/rogue/warrior.  The first time we met them, we charged in and I was stunned, silenced and stunlocked to death.  Ugh.  Once those 2 melee lock you down it's pretty crap.  The second time, Sev didn't put Demon Armo(u)r on because people had been ignoring him and going for me and Shab and they went to him and flattened him.  By the time I got into the smokescreen thing it was too late.  So then we started talking about how we should do this.  We decided that we HAD to kill that shaman - with tremor totem, purges and stuff on, we were never going to be able to cc the others.  The warrior was a pain though too - when he starts spinning around he can't be cc'd and so it's going to be tough.  So Shab said he would run in, nova and then when the Warrior gets out of it, I need to cyclone him.  So we tried that, and this time, we lived longer, but I died this time, but so did the shaman.  Shab and Sev managed to finish the other two off.  The next time we came upon them, we did the same thing, and this time I didn't die and we finished them all off.

There seem to be a lot of shaman teams.  There was a group with an elemental shaman and a resto druid and a  rogue, but they killed us once, and then the poor team got in with only 2 members and we killed them back.  However, there was one brilliant moment because Sev disconnected in that arena (it was Undercity arena) and me and Shab were like Oh NO!!  They were attacking Sev, and he wasn't going down - was that because he d/c'd or was that because of my heals?  I doubt it was my heals.  But I have no idea what Shab did but he killed the druid by himself.  He yelled on Vent "The druid's dead!" and I said "OMG Sev you have to come back OMG quick!!!" and thank god he was able to come back in and we could polish off the other two.  Shab was so proud of himself, he was feeling really good I think!  I thought he did really well too, I was so happy we pulled that off.

But the team we could NOT adapt to, was the shaman, hunter and rogue.  Hunters are so hard to deal with if left unkilled, but if we didn't kill the shaman first, we weren't going to get anywhere.  And we still haven't figured out how to kill that team.  The constant silences and cc's from that hunter drove me to foul language.  However, surprisingly we have managed to play 45 games or so on the Tournament realm, and we only need 50 for the pet, but if we're having a good time learning strats, we'll probably stay there longer.  It's fun to see other teams adapting to our strats and then we have to think up a counter strat for them.

Our group composition will not guarantee us a good spot, but at least we're picking up some tips for or live arena games.


  1. I'm enjoying your arena tournament posts!
    I've gotten back into AV, WSG and AB, (just recently) and I understand some of the frustrations you have with hunters and rogues.

    It amazes me the abilities people will use on me repeatedly in the hopes of getting me down. Of course the toons I will come across in BG's wont be as professional as the ones you will come across in the arena!

    Keep up with the posts, I may learn more tricks of the trade!

  2. Sounds like you're having fun and it's interesting reading about it. Oh, I wish they would do the cross faction talking, at least in neutral areas.

  3. @Faithy - Ooh, you're PVPing yay! I'm not sure if I can teach you anything but you might be able to see our weaknesses!
    @TotA - I agree with the cross faction talking!!!


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