Thursday raiding - Paranoia

OK, I think I AM paranoid.  Yesterday I was finishing work at 820pm so there was no way I'd be able to make it to raid - which is just as well because then they could get a real DPS in and 2 heal it properly.  I rang Lushnek and told him I'd be late, I rang Roshii as well, and I said I wanted to be back for Heroic Spine.  And wouldn't you know it, they one shotted the boat.  Oh. My. God.  So... of COURSE the first thing I'm thinking is - oh crap!  I AM A BAD LUCK CHARM!!!!  I mean yesterday was all like that picture on the left.  That was the constant view I had on Warmaster that I've forgotten what the kill is like...

And, not surprisingly, my friends knew I would be thinking that as well.  As soon as I got on, Voe of course said "Hey Navi.  One shot Warmaster. Haha!" and Lush tried to be supportive and said "That's because Voe was healing - I mean, that's because Voe wasn't DPSing!"  I even had hugs from Souglyy because she knew I would be thinking OMG what kind of crappy F-up am I... and lots of whispers from everyone saying "It's NOT you!  We had  good DPS, and I'm sure if you were healing..."

Anyway, Sev graciously sat out for me (after graciously sitting in for me), and I was back in for some shots at Heroic Spine.  And last night we did make some progress.  The plate came off after the second go and we cheered.  And mana was better than the first time, and now we are working at that second plate.  And that's with a 20% nerf.  How the hell did people do that without full gear and without the nerf?  Some crazy ass DPS!

So I was on dispels.  Gutsy finally saw what I was talking about on healbot where the debuff gives a little red flame, and when it's the good debuff it's the little orange flame.  Voe did a few dispels too, even though I told him not to.  And those two were ribbing me big time!  Of course I was constantly going to be on the bottom of the chart when I'm dispelling - not that I mind of course, since I know I'm busy dispelling.  And one time the raid insta-died - which would be from me missing one dispel.  Oops, I swear I didn't even see it!  And when I asked those two to dispel when I was gripped, Gutsy said "Geez, Navi, you can't even heal properly and the one thing you're supposed to do, you even have to ask US to help you with that!"  Voe was laughing his head off.  So after a number of goes, I thought I'd have a break from dispelling and asked Gutsy if he could do one go for me.  Yeah, well that went awfully.  I don't know if he forgot or what, but even Voe was saying "Hey, who's dispelling?"  and we wiped after the first roll!  Anyway, Gutsy said "Ok, I've had one go and that was the one go," and back I went to dispelling.  I only wanted to see what my mana would have been like if I hadn't been dispelling!  Anyway, it felt good last night.  We even tried new things.  We had to go stand on Falln while he was tanking bloods.  And we stopped using our cooldown for nuclear blasts - with everyone at the back, we didn't need to anymore, hardly any damage if the distance is good.  Oh and after the second roll the number of debuffs on people is insane.  Trying to heal it off them is a major issue.  But we can practice more on Sunday since it will be more of the same I suppose.


  1. I was pretty happy with the way spine was going last night, we were defenatly getting some where with it. However, im not looking forward to the amount of bloods i will be tanking late 2nd plate through to the end of the encounter. I guess it something i will have to work on and i should be good at it being a warrior.


  2. I did get upset that we killed Warmaster last night again without you. I just knew the minute we did that you would again feel that you were the unlucky charm and that also the teasing would start again. It annoys me to no end that people think that teasing someone repeatedly is funny, its not! When the same person/people tease about the same thing over and over again you start to doubt your ability, which is cruel and unfair. The people that do the teasing don't realize the harm and impact that their "jokes" do. I wish it would stop because I do value you as a fellow raider and frosties sister :)

    Souglyy (baha)

    1. Well said Baha! If only more people thought the way you do. But then Navi does have a lot of supporters out there already. She's a very lucky cow.

  3. @Falln - Yeah looking at all those bloods is darn scary. Feel like u almost need to roll them off.
    @Souglyy - <3 you were the first person to comfort me when I logged in! I did appreciate it, because I really was feeling paranoid.


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