Thursday raiding - not happening!

It's hard to get anyone on these days.  So raiding is pretty much coming to a standstill, not that I mind because I have a TOURNAMENT to play!

I didn't get to do much tournament :(  Shabadu, who was the one who was saying he wanted to do it for fun, had been watching videos of strategies (he was doing RESEARCH! That sounds like work, not fun!!!) and mentioned he saw a druid go to bear and charge someone - how come I don't do that?  I told him that the bear charge spec is a more aggressive spec, and I play a more defensive spec, which focuses more on higher healing output with some little bits of dot pressure to help Sev with his dots.  To get bear charge I would need 10 points in the feral tree, which I have put into Balance instead.  The other thing Shaba wanted to do was to CC the healer and burn down a DPS, and he wanted us to charge in, instead of hanging back like we normally do.  He felt that when we waited, we gave the other team time to regroup and plan, and if we rush in, especially for a mage and warlock, a nova with a fear bomb would be good to get the game started.

So we tried that.  I had a few seconds of panic because to do a rush, I would have to get on a mount.  I don't think I have ever gotten on a mount in arena.  Ever.  And I didn't know if I had any mounts!  Fortunately the Tournament realm gives you a PVP mount to start, so I had a wolf to ride, phew!  I should just go open my letterbox and learn some of the mounts in there.

So we won our first game, it was quite good.  2 paladins and a DK, I think it was.  The DK was the last one left and I was surprised he just quit - some of the DKs can go on FOREVER especially against casters with that crappy antimagic shield and deathstrike or whatever it is they do that gives them helfth back.

Then while we were waiting for another game, I felt something touch my foot.  I turned around and my 2 year old son was standing there rubbing his eyes sleepily, looking up at me and I had to go put him back into bed which became a bit of a chore, so I couldn't play anymore.  Awwww :( Sev says that June 6 is the end of the tournament so we have to get our 50 games in by then.  So we thought ok, we'll do that, shouldn't be too hard.  So maybe this weekend, I can squeeze a few more in.