Thursday raiding - no Guts no glory

Totally blame Gutsy.  He was abed with the excuse that he had to get up and work at 430am.  So no raid for us today.  Anyway, Shaba was on so since he wasn't in D3 I thought we could get some PvP happening.  Grabbed Sev and HK and thought maybe Enna, but she logged and so we brought in a meatshield (Falln) and tried some 5s but we were not lucky skilled enough to kill any teams, and the queues were horrible so Shab suggested we BG instead.  And we won EVERY game.  It was bloody awesome.

And we got achievements too!  Well, I certainly did...

Lushnek got Storm Glory and I wanted to get that too, but we won the game before I could grab a flag.  Boohoo!

Won AB which was our first game, then got Flurry when we 4 capped Eye of the Storm, Full Coverage when we 3 capped Battle for Gilneas, 3 capped Twin Peaks and WSG, and won 2 Isle of Conquests.  I was trying to find a Glaive to kill.  But no success.

Anyway, I was supposed to be doing a new project, Pimp my Bish, so I should get cracking on that.  Tomorrow.  It started when I had Brackenshell Shoulderplates in my bag for DE, and I previewed them and they are really nice looking!  I told Hwired he should wear these, and he said he had Tier, and I said you mog these, and he said he couldn't be bothered, and then I asked if he can be my barbie doll and I'll dress him up real nice.  He said no way, but Bish said "Pimp me!  Pimp me!"  So hence, the Pimp my Bish.  Bish says he likes white, so I will design something white for him, but I think I know what he would like already.  He's got the T6 cowl, which is black, but I think Cowl of Benevolence is what he wants, and he has Staff of Immaculate Recovery.

Ooh and grats to Falln for getting a camel!  Will tell you his story later :)


  1. Grats on all those achievements! I will be looking forward to seeing the "Pimp my Bish" outfit.

  2. @TotA - don't be too excited! It will probably be outfits you've seen before :)

  3. I had heaps of fun pvping with you guys and cant wait to join in again


  4. @Falln - glad you could join us, meatshield :)


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