The things you do when you're not raiding

Well, it was only Hwired who wasn't coming, but I took the opportunity to put my kids to bed, which meant a late login.  So the raid didn't happen, and Aza, Lushnek and I decided to go to Ulduar 10 man and do some transmog farming and achievements.

Az didn't have a lot of achievements on his pally, so we didn't repair for him for Unbroken on Flame Leviathan.  Then we were trying to do Nerf Scrapbots but that was hard, so we just did Must Deconstruct Faster instead for Lushnek.  After multiple wipes.  Ouch.

So we went to Council after that, and we killed Molgeim last to get the achievement I choose You, Runemaster Molgeim.

After that off to Kologarn and the boys got double achievements getting With Open Arms, and I got If Looks Could Kill.  And I got my staff, yay!  I thought it would go ok because we had 2 battlerez's and I got picked up the first time, Lushnek rezzed me when I died, and then I got picked up a second time, and I thought I was going to die but the boys killed it fast enough.  Phew.  Lucky I was rezzed or it would have picked Lushnek up and we could kiss one achievement goodbye.

Then we did Nine Lives, which takes a while, killing that defender 9 times.  Look at all the damn holes!

And then we got to Hodir, and I nearly stuffed up that achievement too, and we got Getting Cold in here, and the boys also got Cheese the Freeze, and Az got I could Say this Cache was Rare.

After that Lush had to sleep, so Az and I went to help Souglyy farm her legendary bow from Sunwell, but no luck there.  I was really showing them my Druid of the Shell status, with how slow I was to get anywhere.

Onyxia did not yield us any mounts :( but at least it was 10 man and easy.

Off to OS3D after, where we did 25 man.  Ouch.  So we tried to burn, that didn't work, so we just killed the drakes instead.  I thought that would be hectic but it was ok.  And grats to Roshii who got the Twilight Drake!  My turn next time!  Aza got a plethora of achievements from that.  I can't even be bothered listing them!

So then I had to take a pic of Roshii and Souglyy on the love heart carpet that... I think it was Ancient or Matty who showed a pic of it on their blog...

Isn't that the cutest? :D  Gotta love my 2 fave lovebirds.  And in their beautiful mogs too!


  1. Wow, you guys were busy, grats on all the achievements!

    They look lovely on Matty's Purple Carpet of Love!

  2. Congrats on all your ach's!

    My stupid internet crashed last night =( So missed the rest of the wonderful night! Very fitting mat in that last screenie =D

  3. @TotA - Ah, it was Matty's carpet! TY, it was a busy night indeed!
    @Faithy - I wondered where you went last night...

  4. Gratz on the achieves. One of these days the bow will drop, hopefully :)
    I love that pic of us, it's very fitting :)

    Souglyy (baha)

    1. @Souglyy - It IS nice having your own legendary :) You'll be so thrilled, there's no feeling like it :)

  5. I'm taking credit for the purple shag carpet, Navi. All me. Boom-chicka-wowow!

  6. @Matty - Purple shag carpet LMAO!! I love it Matty :)

  7. That is a nice love rug :) - Rosh


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