Supreme Nerd Navimie

OK, am I supposed to be proud of this or embarrassed?  Ancient was talking about it today and then Matty was doing it too, so I thought I'd check it out.  Oh look, I just noticed that Effy came back to her blog from D3 to do it as well (well, I did expect her to do it after all, she is nerdy!)

Now, is it fair that they ask science questions?  So I'm supreme nerd, OMG LMAO. I'm more nerdy than all of them, crap.  It's not fair that I was good at chemistry and physics!

Because of that I'll have to put my favourite nerdy quote here:
There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don't.

Take the test today!  And let me know how nerdy you are :)  Make me feel a little better at least!

Edit:  Kamalia did it, and she got 88!  Now was she the chemistry whiz?  I forget!  That might have been Vidyala.


  1. Well, you know, I debated for awhile over whether to answer the manganese question as "I just know" or "I looked ut up on the periodic table I have *right next to me*" because both of them were true! I eventually chose the last one, figuring it would win me more nerd points -- and it *is* true, because I have a periodic table poster hanging on the wall above my computer -- but I just went through the test again and only changed that answer, and I still scored 88 :P
    (Changing my answer on the girl's face question from the first option to the second or the last one, however, increased my nerd score to 91 or 92: "Supreme Nerd"!)

  2. Also, I haven't yet responded to the poll currently running in your left sidebar, because I need to know whether you just want the /played on my main, or the total /played across all my characters?

    1. @Kamalia - I would say total /played across all characters as u have so many! i bet you are in the >70

    2. Nope, not quite. I came up with 273.346 days total /played, divided by 4.833 years that I have been playing, is 56.55.
      Of course, that doesn't include all the alts I've deleted over the years. :P Most of them have been level 10 shuttle-stuff-from-one-realm-to-another throwaway toons, but one was level 31.

  3. I've been waiting for this, I knew you would score high but a Nerd Supreme, excellent! I wonder if anyone can top you, are there any 100% Nerd Kings or Queens out there?

  4. I've been happily outnerded on the scoreboard. :)

    It's the geek one I think would be most concerning...

  5. And you wonder why we're friends :P

  6. *bows to the Supreme Nerds* :)

    ~ Effy

  7. @Kamalia - So you ARE the chemistry nut! I knew it!
    @TotA - surely someone is nerdier than me! I cannot possibly be more nerdy than JD
    @JD - I think you cheated on purpose. You are surely way more nerdy.
    @Tout - don't link that! What was the score?
    @Effy - /hugs the High nerd :D

  8. 92 ;)
    I get paid to be a nerd though, so I have an excuse!

  9. Ok I need to see my score...

  10. 5% scored higher (more nerdy),
    0% scored the same, and
    95% scored lower (less nerdy).

    95% nerd pride!!

  11. I got 83 which is disturbing because I didn't see myself as a nerd at all. I'm just really good at picking up and storing random bits of information.. no one will play Trivial Pursuit with me anymore! At school the periodic table and blowing stuff up were the only bits of chemistry that interested me at all and I spent my maths classes drawing pictures on the margins of my notebook apart from when it was algebra which is awesome.

    On the other hand, my husband who is definitely a nerd (writes software for a living/only reads sci fi and computer related stuff etc/can take things apart and put them back together so that they work etc) claims to have got 63 but then he did it at work so I can't be sure whether he cheated or not to get a lower score than me.

    Or maybe being a nerd is infectious?

  12. @Tout - LOL a little ahead of me! You always have to be one up on me :)
    @Cymre - great post!
    @Aza - WOOT Az :D:D
    @Erinys - so being really good at memorising silly details does not make you a nerd... point noted /grin. On a serious note though, this is a nerd page, so feel free to let your nerd out here! You can keep her under wraps at home/on your blog :D :D

  13. I scored a measly 52; but I'm sure I was nerdier in my 20s/30s than I am now. (For instance I know* at one time I could fill out a periodic table correctly, but I've seen so many fan-fic variations on them that I get things all combobulated into one...)

  14. @Shoryl - don't you think it's funny how we all WANT to be nerds? :D
    @Fueghan - LOL that is hardly surprising :D


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