Sunday raiding - Guild achievement hunting

Voe didn't show so nobody could be bothered with Dragon Soul, so we just did old raids instead.  So I got to do old raids and helped all these people catch up to me!  Shooting myself in the foot I am!

So first up, finish off Ulduar.  We were doing Alone in the Darkness - Roshii had to afk for a while on a phone call, so while people were inpatient they went to do Algalon, and we came back to do Alone in the Darkness.  Now, I thought it would be hard, because the last time we tried it, we struggled and died, and that was with 10 people, and I'm sure we were level 85.  Anyway, after a long winded explanation, we kicked its ass as well, and I'm sure quite a few people got a lot of achievements from that last boss (Three, Two, One and Alone in the Darkness, Kiss and Make Up, He's not getting any Older, Drive me crazy, They're Coming out of the Walls).  We also got the guild achievement.  And a lot of people completed their Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 Man) as well as The Descent into Madness. (10 Man).

So after, that, we went to Malygos.  We didn't have the guild achievement for it, so down that went as well.  That crazy blue aspect was at 1hp before the dudes on surfboards came out.  And then we had to wait for him to talk so we could hit him once when we rode our dragons and get the achievement.

And Halion, the pink dragon was up.  Now, I swear this was hard when we tried it before.  It was another cakewalk, though we had a few people die!  And doing it on heroic too!  That was cool for my achievement points.  I was so busy checking out the loot poor Souglyy died from burning to death and her voice on vent shook me out of my reverie.  Whoops!

Ok, well, it looks like I did the bad thing.  If you look at all these dead people, it's all the melee.  And guess who was supposed to be on melee?  Yep you guessed it, ME!  Hey, the twilight realm is a lot harder to heal!  I did a crappy dispel because people didn't run out, and then the cutter took Falln's head off, and I'm not sure how Hwired survived, but he did somehow.  The loot from Halion is always pretty ordinary anyway, even for transmog.  So off to OS 3D after that which we did 25 man, and we thought we'd try it first without killing the trash... which just came and pwnd us.  So we had to go back and clear it all up and then it was pretty easy with 11 people.  Quite a few people got achievements there, including Gonna Go when the Volcano Blows. Grats to Hwired for getting the drake.

After that, we went to Sunwell to try for Souglyy's legendary bow.  Unfortunately, not much luck there.  There is always next week.  Sunwell has a lot of nice gear, but it's all so blood elf like - funny about that.... I took a tier belt, but I am struggling to remember what that looks like.  I think I actually need the Hyjal one.  Oh well, remind me to go and look at that next week some time.


  1. Grats on all those wonderful Guild Ach's!
    As for your belt. What I've done is looked up said item on wowhead and sometimes found it looks like several other items and I pick the easy option to get it =D

  2. Sorry about the no show didnt get back from mums in time



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