Professor Navi and her Night Elf Artifact collection

Navimie wiped her brow as she threw the shovel aside and gently scooped the fragments from the ground.  They were the last pieces for an Umbra Crescent, an artifact that fetched quite a nice price on the market.  It was a good find, as artifacts such as this - they helped fund her digs, but she was still missing one last artifact in her Night Elf collection.  That artifact was imbued with magical power, storing mana that could be used later in time of need - Tyrande's Favourite Doll.

Tyrande Whisperwind, the high priestess of Elune, and married to Malfurion Stormrage, was no longer sole ruler of the night elves. She grew up in the ancient city of Suramar, far from the first Well of Eternity, not far from the Stormrage twins. Tyrande's idyllic childhood proved to be in sharp contrast to the sorrow and conflict that she would endure later in her life.  The doll from her childhood would have been the pinnacle of Navi's collection.

She had found every other Nightelf artifact there was to find, and had sold many more on the antiquities market.  She had lost count of the number of Coins from Eldre'thalas she had found.  Eldre'thalas was the old city of Queen Azshara's arcanists that fell into depravity after the Great Sundering - it was not known to many that this once great city was now the ruins of Dire Maul. 

A number of artifacts telling the story of Pyramonde and Theleste were amongst Navi's favourites.  The high price they fetched on the antiques market was one reason she liked them, but the story of tragic love told in those pieces were much like the story of those star crossed lovers, Romulo and Julianne. What did happen to those two?  It seemed obvious that they were in love, for engraved on the Delicate Music Box was the sweet message, "To My Dearest Theleste"; and on the Hairpin of Silver and Malachite was engraved "To Theleste, on her twenty-fourth birth year."  The Cloak Clasp with Antlers engraved with Pyramonde suggested he was from a noble house, and the Chest of Tiny Glass Animals, most of the glass elven made animals suffered some minor chips and cracks except for the stag whose head has been clearly cut off.  The initial T at the bottom of the chest implied it belonged to Theleste - was she angry at the house with the Stag emblem?  For keeping her and Pyramonde apart?  Perhaps she had seen the message inside the Silver Scroll case - "Pyramond, under no circumstances are you to spend time with that tavern wench. Your mother and I forbid it. She is far beneath your station."  Was Theleste the tavern wench?  Or was Pyramonde having an affair with one, when he was supposed to be with Theleste?  The Cracked Crystal vial told the end of the tale - attached to it, written on vellum was this note: "Dearest P, now that I know we can never be together, it is my wish to drink this draught of spider venom. If this note finds you, my hope is that you might do the same. May Elune watch over our souls."  Theleste obviously killed herself, and she believed that Pyramonde should do the same - but did he love her?  Navi liked to think that they were in love, and it was a forbidden love, rather than a love betrayed.

She fingered the Umbra Crescent gently, the edge was dulled with time, but the blade was much like that used by Maiev Shadowsong.  There was no magic in the blade now, but Navi didn't doubt that there was power there, once.

Navi sighed.  There were a few extra fragments from her dig, which looked like they were the makings of another Highborne Pyxis.  It seemed like the Doll was beyond her reach still.  All she could do was to continue looking.

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  1. Great story Professor and I hope Navi finds her last Night Elf artifact - Tyrande's Favourite Doll.

  2. Good Luck on your hunt for the Doll! I'm sure there is some strange equation that requires thousands of Scandalous night gowns to be dug up before you can lay your fingers on it though. Hope you prove me wrong :)

  3. I loved the story! Good luck with finding that doll. Erinys is right, I finally got it, but it did take about a couple hundred night gowns first!

  4. awww what a beautiful, yet sad tale!

  5. @Cymre - thanks Cym! Sorry got no pics, but I wasn't sure how to put pics of my non existent doll :(
    @Erinys - Thanks! I haven't gotten 100s of scandalous night gowns yet so I guess I have a while to go...
    @TotA - TY :) Gosh I only have 3 gowns...

  6. Oh, poor Navi! Though at this point, in Heroic T13 gear, the Doll is probably more valuable to one of your healing alts, than it is to Navi herself? I still hope you find it very soon!

    That was a really lovely write-up of the Night Elf artifacts :D

  7. Oh that Doll. I still haven't seen it either.

  8. @Kamalia - It's true, that doll is more for levelling alts now (though it would be nice if it scaled with level) but it amazes me that most people seem to have it and I have completed EVERY SINGLE archaeology achievement and still have not got that doll. And TY for the compliment :D
    @Saunder - I'm glad to see I'm not the only member of the doll-less club.

  9. That doll! Why oh why wasn't I working on that for Zep or Cen? Dios mio. It's not too late - maybe this week.

  10. @matty - I can't find your pyramonde and theleste story, can you link for me?

  11. Awww, so sweet! I'm glad to read some fiction about Navi. I hope one day I can find TFD -_-);;;


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