Pimp My Hwired - Dressing a DK who doesn't want to be mogged

Yeah OK, Hwired doesn't want me to play with his clothes.  But that doesn't mean I can't play with Mogit and his toon, right?

So, this is what Hwired is wearing right now.

Fearsome, yes.  Those big bony shoulders are certainly menacing looking!  So I wanted to use those Brackenshell Shoulderplates for... SOMETHING.  So here's what I came up with for Hwired (yes yes, unwanted I know, but who's going to know?  I'm just pretending what it would be like to dress him!) - and it's not that there's anything wrong with what he's wearing, but I really liked the look of those shoulders and I wanted to see if I could make something for Hwired.

Dark, gloomy, skulls... think this is ok?  Those shoulders are actually hard to match!  Here's what I slapped together for my favourite DK.  There are some current Tier items mixed in with those heroic colour shoulders:

Helm: Conquerer's Darkruned Helmet
Shoulders: Brackenshell Shoulderplates (heroic)
Chest: Necrotic Boneplate Chestguard (normal)
Legs: Necrotic Boneplate Leggards (normal)
Hands: Bladebreaker Gauntlets
Waist: Demonbone Waistguard
Feet: Boots of the Underdweller
Back: Shroud of Undercity
2H axe: Stormedge

Well, I think he looks rather good.  I suppose you could copy this for a warrior or paladin as the chest and legs have other items with the same model.  I can just hear Hwired now:  "Transmog?  Geez, who gives a f*** about transmog?"

/grin.  I do!


  1. Oh wow, transmogging has given us so many new things.

    I wonder if this will be a new Azerothian crime, "transmogging without consent."

    You might have started a whole crime wave Navi!

  2. Dunno Tome, in some cases I think we need the "Fashion Police" to "transmog without consent".

    Looking as if you got dressed in the dark should be a crime unless you're below five or colour blind (she says wearing one green and pink stripy sock and one red one with a 3d witch on it :p).

  3. @TotA @Erinys - I will always think about that dreadful mage on Rades' blog and cringe, thinking thank god we have transmog... And I just realised my shirt is on inside out... thank goodness dressing in the dark isn't a crime =p
    Mog me you two! I need a new look =)

  4. Well, Navi, he looks much more handsome. If he was wondering why he couldn't get the number of a certain BELF he had his eye on before you helped him out, then perhaps he'll have more luck with the ladies now, because DA-AuMM! (Say that in a Will Smith voice). Come on, bloke! Navi only has your best interest at heart!

  5. Strong, dark, and Dangerous! Nice work!

  6. @Matty - Hwired is a serious and stoic character. Our dear tanks (Fue and Hwired) care little for fashion and focus on abilities and how to keep a raid running smoothly. Ooooooh IDEA!
    @Kamalia - TY Kam! And that reminded me I wanted to email you...

  7. Love the outfit, but Hwired has that Orc aura that says "to hell with helmets. I want my enemy to see the face of the force about to split his skull like a pomegranite."

  8. /checks blog email
    Ooooh, a challenge! I'll have to see what I can come up with for you, Navi ;)

  9. Lol, thanks Nav.

    Might have to look into it.


  10. @Hwired - LOL, I tried to make it all items which are easy to get with Justice/Valour points or current raid :) Nothing worse than making a mog which requires intense effort and lots of timewasting.


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