OK, I've looked at D3.. now for some random WoW pics

OK, I've looked at D3.  It reminds me of old games I used to play, and it's interesting, but I think at least it's something I can run to when I feel like doing something on my own.  Though, you can't REALLY do things on your own, your realID friends can just join you just like that!  Without being invited!  It was kind of weird but nice in a way, and there is nobody else around to disturb you if you don't want them to.  Anyway, took me a while to get the hang of the whole left click and right click business... I kept shooting things when I wanted to run and interact with something.  Anyway, that was that, and I don't hate the game, but it's something I don't mind looking more at.  Hell, it was free after all.

Anyway, back to WoW.  My whole illness thing stuffed up my picture posting for mother's day, and I thought this stained glass picture of two infants of some sort was a good thing to stick up for Mother's Day.  I liked how JD called it Earthmother's Day.

And here's a picture of Roshii having fallen off the train in Ulduar on the way to Mimiron.  You can just make him out over there on the side pipes.  He didn't die when he fell off the side bit sticking out (where there is a lock poartal) and instead ended up on the side.  The silly twit didn't wait for that warlock summon, he thought he'd just jump and float across with his legendary wings and instead went splat on the ground...

Oh, and by the way here is a pic with me using the Orb of Deception.  I guess my arch nemesis is a gnome.... and a priest.... I guess I'm kind of cute...


  1. Roshii is doing it wrong, if your going to fall off something, you need to fall and then die...not find a spot to land momentarily.
    Take it from me, I'm an expert in falling off things!

  2. Gossamer Gnome Priest, no less. At least it has good fashion sense.

    Glad I'm not the only one who liked the term Earthmother's Day. Thanks!

  3. You're so cute as a Gnome, and stylish too. I think there's a setting you can uncheck so people have to ask you first. I got my giant barbarian to level 6 this morning, fun, but the whole click to move takes some getting used to.

  4. @Faithy - LOL Roshii has been doing a lot of things that have been out of character lately... like DYING... methinks Baha stuffed up his brain :)
    @JD - :) Nice to see a bloke with good fashion sense too :)
    @TotA - I didn't know that about the setting! I did think it was weird I could just join in with your friends like that without asking, it was almost rude, but it wasn't really upsetting or anything. Grats on level 6! I think I was a level 5 wizard (I was living my warlock fantasy)


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