New Rares this week

Souglyy did her best to get me a picture of Skarr this week - I was grouchy because she and Roshii tamed it for him without a pic!  She saw it again and she switched off all her addons so she could get the pic just how she knows I like it!  So here is her pic that she spent ages tryign to get for me that I'm putting in my collection.

And I did my best to try to kill Julak-Doom without much success.  Then Nabe told me he solo'd it because then there were no MCs..

I remember it was me, Nabe on Yetaurga (his druid), Lushnek and Balinar, and those guys kept getting MC'd and killing us!  I was tanking and Lush was healing and Nabe and Balinar were DPSing, and I had to take this picture of the MC'd Yetaurga scampering away after finishing me off...

Swamp of Sorrows yielded two new rares for me.  I think I'm still missing one though - Lost one Chieftain.  I should go check now when everyone is busy in D3 and not killing rares.

Oh and here is an updated picture of Ironeye.