More art in Azeroth

Here is a funny sheep picture that Ayelena found for me in Azshara, though he's actually painting a boar...

Apparently if you kill the boar, he says this:
"It'll be okay ladies. Just look at my painting and remember better days. Or you can just look at me and imagine a better future."
"Well that's one way to voice your opinion."
"When you are a genius, you have to put up with a lot of strange actions"

And I ran through SM library, but most of the paintings are the same except this one:

And then there's there's this painting that's part of a quest in Stratholme:

And in Karazhan most of the collection there is similar to other places, except for a these two:

Oh and don't miss Erinys joining in with her post about Lylobean's sneaky art escapades!


  1. OMG Navi, I solo'd that rare just then, took me 19mins 58seconds :P


  2. That painting of the women lying down freaked me out a bit when I saw a copy of it at the Argent Tournament grounds. She looks really unhappy, lying there her face half veiled.

  3. I've never noticed the planets one, I really need to pay more attention! And I was shocked to find the lying woman in Swiftgear Station too, seemed a most undwarvenly painting to have there!

  4. @Nabe - OMG OP much? :)
    @Erinys - I was shocked the first time I saw it, I'd never seen it before! BTW your pics were great!
    @TotA - I was just happy to see something different! I wonder what other ones are out there.


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