Monday raiding - OMG we raided!

Not that we got very far.  That boat is a willbreaker.  The fire everywhere, the whole damn boat is covered in fire, where the hell can you stand with Warmaster??  I took a pic of it, but I'll add it later when I'm at home.  But we still didn't get it down.  It's really depressing.

(pic goes here)

Even Mab commented on his blog that raiding has died.  Falln was saying to me he didn't feel like raiding but if we were all there, he'd go.  Roshii and Souglyy were bummed because they would love to raid sitting side by side but it's not happening.  Sev and Shab are tired of raiding.  I have to beg Hwired to get online sometimes.  Gutsy is an old man and wants to sleep - Bish too.  Augment has on and off days.  So we got sick of it and ended the raid early.

Which meant, I had some time for Tournament.  Yay!  So Sev and I gathered Shab from D3 and off we went to Tournament, ready for more games.  But... when we queued, we noticed that the wait time for arenas was unavailable.  Aww shucks, that meant no arena matches.  So I decided to be nasty and gank some people in Gurubashi Arena and then we switched back to live side to do Arenas there.

And we had a really good run yesterday.  This targetting the healer is working very well for us.
  • We won our first game, against a shaman healer, and the I can't recall what the DPS were.  
  • The next game against a priest, shaman and rogue who were quite high geared I think because of their health, I thought was going to be crap, but they managed to burn the priest down, between the two of them.  I was busy trying to stay alive whilst the other 2 dps hacked away at me, and when Shab cheered when the priest died, I said "Yay, can you help me now, coz I'm going to die."  And then we finished them off.  Sev kept deathcoiling the priest so their spells didn't get off, and Shab silenced and I could hear lots of ice lances and freezing sounds, so that was good.  I had them focussed as well because I didn't want to be mana burned, but the poor priest had other things to worry about instead of wasting time mana burning me.  
  • The last game, against a warrior, rogue and paladin, a combination which usually makes us moan and groan, but it was one of those games where we were coordinating our cc's perfectly.  It was a long game too.  We decided to do Shab's nova trick, and then I was supposed to cc the warrior, but he did the spinning around thing to get out of it, so he was immune.  Sev was getting focussed by the melee a lot so he couldn't do much cc'ing.  At least the other team knew what they were doing - an Affliction lock can't do much when he's kicked and pummelled and slowed.  Warriors are Sev's pet hate.  The paladin's mana was going down a LOT, I assumed because Sev and Shab were tearing into him and wuth me and Shab calling out cc's, it felt like we were so pro.  Poor Sev, he didn't do much talking, and I can imagine that if I say that he was quiet, he would reply "Um, Nav, it's really hard to talk when I'm trying to STAY ALIVE!"  Shab would call out "polying the warrior" and I would immediately say "rooting the rogue" and then when the poly ran out I would cyclone the warrior.  We did a lot of that for a few minutes while I was trying to save Sev with tons of heals (and he had quite a few close calls), and if I was about to CC Shab's target, I would switch to the other one which is the good thing about melee, at least roots is a viable cc.  When we won, I was so pleased, because it was such a satisfying game.  We were all very pleased!
My arena winning streak was ruined by babies crying so I had to go and then I was gone so long I AFK logged out, so my apologies to my arena team buddies Sev and Shab about that!

We did try to do a Wintersgrasp before arenas but we couldn't get our siege engines quick enough and the alliance were good at killing our machines so that didn't work so well.

So I'm not sure if Shab can do any games from Wednesday.  Really need to get those last few games for the Tournament before he's away.  He's going away soon.  Fingers crossed we can get those last ones in!


  1. I'd raid if I was part of the heroic team,but as I'm not, D3 has my attention. I don't have any TAFE this term, so I'm free most nights. send me a whisper if you need me Navi.


  2. Shab said he could probably get some games in on Friday/Saturday, hopefully we can finalise the 50 games then. ;-)

  3. @Ayelena - TY Ayel :) I might drag you out if we need you :)
    @Sev - Oh good. And sorry about last night.


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