Moggers on the streets of Dath - Zen's alts

I was standing around in Orgrimmar today waiting for Amateur Azerothian's low level alliance run (which they kindly put at a time I could attend!), browsing the auction house.  Yes, I know I was on my horde toon and I was supposed to be on Alliance but I'm trying to put together a set for me and someone else which is time consuming because I am not a very avid farmer.


Someone whispered me saying "You look positively evil in that set, it's cool" or something along those lines.  As I scanned around to see who had said that, they flew away.
"Thanks!" I said, "But I didn't get to see your mog, can you come back?"
So this mage flew back.  His name was Zenvatic.  And he was using a pink red version of Apostle of Argus.  But the rest of his set looked quite good.  I asked him about his staff.  And he told me you can get it in Area 52 and you don't need special titles.  I did know there was a vendor there - I had gotten my PVP helm from there for my feral transmog.  But I hadn't seen that staff before so I was admiring it.  I asked him if I could take his picture and he said sure, so I put him in my photo spot for a shot.
Flarecore mantle, Robe and Imperial Red gloves and Vengeful Gladiator's Battle Staff

So while I was there, I changed to my raid healing mog (the 100k set) and Zenvatic said "It's YOU!"  And my first thought was OMG, he recognises me... I hope he doesn't say something awful after I was making nice compliments about his set!  But after I got over that half second of initial fear, I figured, nah he's talking to me, assholes who would do that don't talk and chit chat.

"You were there?" I asked.
"Yes, on my priest," he said.

Hmm.  There were only 3 priests and I knew it wasn't Silenrea or Pufflle because I see them around in Org and chat to them.  That meant he was the other one... oh what was his name... the one who didn't keybind the Z key... so I snuck to my blog to look it up.

"Not the Tauren priest?"  I was buying time.  I knew he wasn't Silenrea.
"No, the twin of that one," he said.

I found the post on my blog. "Are you Zenhira?"  And he said he was.  I told him his mog was really good, and he said the same in return to me, and that I shouldn't worry about the haters, they're all kids.  It was nice what he said, and then he said something that almost made me do a Mataoka and spit my water all over the keyboard.

"It's great to have someone as renowned as you making such great comments on my gear."

Renowned?  LOL I wish!  I can just see half my readers laughing and the other half rolling up their sleeves ready to type some cheeky remark! :P

So I asked if I could see some of his other toon's mogs.  And his paladin has a really nice mog, though I think the shield is not that great a match.  That sword is fantastic though.

Talon of Azshara, Breastplate of Tarnished Bronze, Jade Warrior Pauldrons, Fel Iron Plate Gloves and Boots, Judgement Belt, Bloodhoof Legguards and Wrathful Gladiator's Redoubt
So, just to check, I asked him to hit z so I could look at him holding his shield.  There was a long pause.  "Not keybound?" I asked, smiling to myself.  "I'm blushing," he replied, sheepishly. "Gimme a sec to keybind it."  LOL.

It was nice to see some nice mog on the streets again.  It's been a while.  I should make this a more regular segment :)


  1. Funny enough, I swear yesterday was show off your Transmog day on Runetotem. Alliance had a tonne of people in sweet looking gear, and unfortunately I only had the time to comment to one person. I wish I had gotten a shot of that Night Elf Druid, as well as a great Worgen Warlock.

    Alas, these same great Moggers were suddenly getting scantily clad and turning the steps outside the Trade District Auction House into Goldshire from Moon Guard so I left. Still, it's nice to see (and share) the work coming outside the blogging community.

  2. Of course you are renowned, you are the lovely Navi the Rhyming Queen and Transmogger Supreme!

    I'm going to have to sit around town more, I never see any interesting outfits. Either my server doesn't care about outfits or I'm not paying enough attention.

  3. I guess I haven't been on long enough or have my screen showing without MogIt up to see much of anything these days. That definitely needs to be some sort of segment for you though. It's really nice to be recognised like that though :)

  4. There is a pink version of that staff!!!!!!
    I have the red and blue ones...need pink!

    Area 52 has a few vendors that sell older gear. I have gotten a couple warlock sets there cheap. They take honor or justice points I believe.

    My guildie told me about it and I spent 2 days gringing BG's to gear!!

    1. @Pando - I think that it's the red one - it looks pink because of the other reds I think, so sorry Pando to get you excited over nothing! Area 52 has got some nice stuff, some of that old PVP gear is good.

    2. oh well truth is I cant find myself a pink outfit for transmog I like anyways :(

      I have this awesome pink/green cool looking headpiece and cant find nothing to match the shades of pink or green. I've almost given up, but cant stand the thought of throwing the helm away.

      Maybe something will pop to match in MOP!!!

  5. @JD - aww a shame! I love seeing what other people are wearing. Wish you had taken pics too!
    @TotA - Renowned? Hardly! Though I was thinking Rhyming queen, young and sweet only 17 sounded nice... :P
    @Cymre - It was a surprise, but he did recognise my costume, not me really. Wisdom is a good hangout for spying!


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