Minipost: Malware and virus warnings on my site

Everyone using Google Chrome has been telling me this week they are getting lots of Malware alerts when trying to load my site... and it's all coming from Jaded Alt :(

I am not sure why, because it doesn't do that in Firefox or IE for me, and so with great reluctance I had to remove Windsoar from my blogroll so the warnings would stop :(

However, she is still in my feed so that's ok.  I'm sorry Windsoar!

I am wondering what on her site is causing all these alerts, but I had Fue and Nabe telling me, Sev telling me, and now an ingame mail from Euphy telling me :(

It's fixed now I hope!  So everyone can come back, and if the warnings still come, let me know!


  1. The problem is links to jaded alt .com. I didn't scrub my current website ( when I moved. Although you shouldn't have any problems if you don't click the link ( does it's own malware checks regularly) I'll let you know when my links are updated :)

  2. @Windsoar - added you back! I'll see how that goes :) I'm sorry for being a pain in the ass. My guildies asked who you were, and I said she is an awesome druid blogger, and not deliberately associated with spreading malicious viruses!

  3. Your guildies are following safe website practices! I approve <3


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