Minipost: Look at my new shiny banner!

It seems a bit silly to write about it when you will clearly see it when you first come to my blog, but I got a new banner!  It was made for me by my dear friend Tome of the Ancient, who somehow managed to find time in her busy weekend to make this for me.  I just hope her daughter doesn't find out her mother was sneaking around emailing her friends and photoshopping rats because I might be in her daughter's bad books!

Isn't it great!  And she's got the rat on my arm!  All these people who are clever with photoshop are just amazing in my opinion - it's something I have no idea how to do and I can't seem to get my head around no matter how much I try.

So thank you so much Ancient, I love it!!!


  1. Ooooooo!! I love it! <3

    The rat is also the first thing that caught my eye. Super cute! ^-^ Tome sure has some talent!

  2. @Euphy - Yay you can visit me again :D She is a talented one our dear Ancient isn't she!

  3. That looks awesome! Thanks for promting me to go look just now. Well done Tome, excellent work :)

  4. It looks really great Navi.


  5. It looks fabulous, that's the one thing I dislike about feed readers, I seem to miss out on all the awesome banners/headers.

  6. Tome knocks another out of the park.

    Looks amazing.

    Can't say about Photoshop, but I have Gimp and have trouble doing half the stuff I want in it. Paint Shop Pro 5 on the other hand...hrm, maybe I should reinstall that...

  7. I'm glad you like it, if Blizzard won't give us a shoulder slot for pets we just have to do it ourselves, lol. What I noticed that I hadn't before is Navi has the prettiest green eyes!

  8. @Cymre - Thanks! Ancient is so clever!
    @Ayelena - TY Ayel :)
    @Erinys - I'm glad you managed to look at it on the blog and not in the feed Erinys, you would miss out!
    @JD - Well at least you're more advanced than me, I was using microsoft Paint.
    @TotA - <3 <3 :D That's why she likes to wear Green :)

  9. Looks great, but I thought Parrots perched on shoulders not rats, or is that just for pirates? :)

  10. Love it! First thing I noticed. Damn but now I want to stay home and play with photo manipulation programs...or maybe I just want to stay home.

  11. Your new banner looks fabulous! I love the bright orange of it against the deep blue background of the rest of your site.

    Ancient always does such an amazing job with image manipulations/photoshop. I'm in awe of her 1337 skillz.

  12. @gnomegates - Ty for visiting! About that rat, sometime ago I mentioned I like rats riding on my shoulder and ancient used a picture from a run we did together to put a rat on my shoulder and I loved it so much I wanted her to do it again.
    @matty - I know you just want to stay at home :)
    @kamalia - Ty! The Orange does look good, I agree! Lol It's like we're talking about transmog!

  13. Cool Banner Navi!
    You did a great job Tome!
    Rats are the coolest pets on the planet!!
    Maybe I show post a pic of my real life hairless rat pet, {Picard) on my site :)

  14. @Pando - I love rats as pets IRL! I can't wait to go look!

    1. I will make a post sometime this week with a pic of Picard on it. He is so darn cute!

  15. Shiny indeed! Though I hadn't noticed the rat and the pretty green eyes until I read the comments - too distracted by its sparkliness :< Hats off to Ancient!

  16. @Toki - :D she is a smart cookie! And I love my banner!


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