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I never did children's week in Vanilla, and so before I got really into pets and everything, I was always a bit behind with getting all the pets.  Each year they'd bring another one and I would still be behind.  However, this year I caught up, so that was a big relief.

Which makes me glad, because I don't have to worry about all those OTHER achievements people worry about, winning BGs with your orphan etc.  I do feel sorry for those who are not PvPers and who are trying to do those achievements are like easy kills and you KNOW they're just going to keep coming back for you to kill again...  makes me wonder what Cynwise and Gnomey are saying about all those orphan toting people that are in their BGs.  Because there will be people like that on your side too... :P (Amusingly, Shab was doing JUST that earlier this week, those poor achievement hunters didn't get a chance!)

So I got 3 new pets this year.  I got my Curious Oracle, Legs and Scooter the snail.

Having taken Salandria around before there was nothing new, though I have always enjoyed her reunion with H'chuu in Sporeggar.

Grunth, my Orc orphan, was the most entertaining, I thought.  There were a number of things he said when I took him places which made me think of all my orphans he was the most cluey about what was going on in the REAL world.  When we went to see The Banshee Queen, he said:
Lady Sylvanas, leader of the Forsaken, is s'posed to be one of the best warriors in the Horde, maybe even as good as the warchief himself!
I've always wanted to meet her, Navimie. Maybe an adventurer like you could get an audience with her! Would you take me to the Royal Quarter of the Undercity to meet Lady Sylvanas? It's a long way away and I bet the guards would never let me in by myself!

 And Grunth was right about those snobby Blood Elves, when on completion of the quest he said:
She's just as fierce as I thought she'd be! But that ambassador sure got real mad when I started talking to Lady Sylvanas.
And when we went to see The Fallen Chieftain, he said:
Matron Battlewail says that when Cairne Bloodhoof died, the Horde lost a 'voice of wisdom'. I don't know what that means, but I always wanted to meet him. Some of the other orphans even have his hoofprint.
Would you take me with you to Mulgore? Our tutor says tauren bring their dead to a place called Red Rocks to honor them. We should go there and see if we can find Cairne.

I was surprised to see the Elders of Thunderbluff there.  Chieftain Baine Bloodhoof was there, with Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem and Kador Cloudsong.  I nearly had tears in my eyes as I watched them describing his great deeds in life, and then burning his body on the pyre, and the spirits came to welcome him.  Walk with the Earthmother, Chieftain.  It reminded me of an old post by my friend Kamalia about Tauren Funerary Rites and Customs.

I had to smile when Grunth said on completion:
Someday, I'm going to be a great warrior, just like Cairne or the warchief. Everyone will remember my deeds, and the ancestors will welcome my spirit too!
Having taken Kekek on his tour 2 years before, I took Roo this year, the Oracle orphan.  Like all Northrend orphans, he wanted to see The Dragon Queen, Alexstrasza.  The sexy queen even knelt down to speak to Roo, and I was impressed.

So that was my children's week.  I wonder what Children's week will be like in Mists of Pandaria.


  1. Grats on your pets. At least in Mists all pets will be account bound so we can enjoy them all 'round :)

  2. I'm going to be sad when I no longer need to take those orphans on trips for pets, I've always enjoyed it. Doesn't look right though as you don't have a little mouse on your shoulder!

  3. Grats on the pets! For some reason, I totally missed the Shatt orphan quest last year, so all I need left is Legs. I did get the Vetern Nanny achievee though. I could run an alt through that questline to pick up legs, but it's not the same as having them all on one toon to me, lol. And I just realized that my shammy has the Sprite Darter pet and Arv doesn't, WTH?

  4. Grunth cracks me up, he's so cheeky.

    Grats on completing your Children's Week pet collection! I, too, have been wondering how the Children's Week concept will be iterated upon for Pandaria. I would love to have a dragon kite to keep as a reward pet from Pandaria Children's Week.

  5. Grats on your pets Navi! Although in MoP pets will be account bound, it's too bad we can't take them all out at once. Now, THAT would make it worth scrambling to get every pet in the game. We could have massive pet battle royale style pet battles!

  6. Grats on getting them all =D

    My favorite orphan quest is when the dragon queen kneels down to the orphan!

    1. I think that was really cute too! And thanks :)

  7. @Cymre - TY :) I do like the idea of account bound pets especially for ones on the other faction :)
    @TotA - You can still do it for fun :) Hm, mouse on the shoulder idea!
    @Arv - thanks Arv! Glad you got the achieve :) Well, at least you can share that sprite darter pet around come MoP! :)
    @Kamalia - TY and he is a cute one isn't he? I would really like to see a Tauren child. I have only seen Tauren babies. That would be cool.
    @Euphy - Thx Euphy, hey imagine all your vanity pets out... STAMPEDE!!!


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