Madzeroth Libs: The Return - Damn you people

I can't help it, I was sucked into it.  I can't help joining in these stupid games.  I read it on the Amateur Azerothian who said he saw it on WoW Insider...

So here are the words:
1. Common outdoor place
2. Animal
3. Intense emotion
4. Your favorite WoW race, plural
5. Something your favorite WoW race will never, ever do
6. A synonym for rock (it can be rock)
7. Adjective
8. Herbalism plant
9. A fish native to Azeroth
10. Your favorite Avenger (from the movie — don’t get smart with me, comic nerds. I’ll find you.)
11. Season
12. Bodily sound
13. Adjective
14. Adjective relating to old people
15. Relationship
16. Body parts
17. Proper name

And here are my choices:
1. Beach
2. Tiger
3. Jealous
4. Taurens
5. Turn into a warlock
6. Boulder
7. Smelly
8. Gromsblood
9. Golden Vendorfish
10. Black Widow
11. Autumn
12. Fart
13. Soft
14. Wrinkly
15. Daughter
16. Toes
17. Madison

Jun Pao was a sad panda. Every day, Pao practiced his swordsmanship in a BEACH near his home in the Valley of the Four Winds. One summer morning, Jun Pao was perfecting his TIGER-style strikes when he slipped and fell on a crumpled-up note. It read:

All challengers welcome! The fearsome orc Gormash the JEALOUS will fight any and all comers for the ultimate prize! Honor and glory until TAUREN successfully TURN INTO A WARLOCK awaits anyone who can defeat me!
Meet me at the big BOULDER.
Love, Gormash.

This was it, Jun Pao thought. Defeating this SMELLY brute in battle would surely be the final challenge, and his training would be complete. Pao quickly stuffed his GROMSBLOOD and GOLDEN VENDORFISH sandwich into his BLACK WIDOW lunchbox, took a swig off his minikeg of AUTUMN FART Ale, and bounded off for triumph.

“Jun Pao!” a voice called after the anxious pandaren. It was ol’ Master Ho, still as SOFT and WRINKLY as ever. Jun was like a DAUGHTER to the master — he wanted to make the old man proud. Jun put his TOES together and bowed, promising to return to his master with tales of honor, fun, and slapping MADISON in the face.

OK, that was just silly.  Again!  Like I needed anymore silly posts LOL.  Damn you JD!!!


  1. Ok I just did mine, are there more than 2 of these? I see we had a couple of similar words :P


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