Highlights from my Blogroll - May 20, 2012

This week I was really intrigued by the whole Newbie Blogger Initiative and all these new things to read, WoW and non WoW related.  Tastes like Battlechicken, though not a new blog is a new addition to my blogroll.

I got to download Ancient's Twisted nether blogcast interview, and firstly, she was really funny in the interview!  And I was thrilled that she mentioned me 16 minutes into the show:
Ancient: I found not only do I like their blogs, I like them, so I've made a lot of very good friends.  In fact one of them gave me a big pep talk last night, and she asked me sample questions so I'd be ready!
Hydra: Aww that's so sweet!
Ancient: That's Navi from The Daily Frostwolf.  She got on and she asked me questions like you would do, and she tried to give  me like a run through so I wouldn't be nervous and so I've met lovely people like that so it's definitely worth it.
 <3 Ancient!!! Told you I was your number one fan!

Oh, and how could you miss this awful look from MMO-Champion...

Is it just me, or does it look like they're wearing a huge nut protector?  Or chastity belt?  It's kind of funny :)


  1. The Horde one does look almost sporran-like (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sporran), partly I think because the leg guards look almost tartan. Not a great look imo.

    1. @Erinys - you're right! Very sporran like!

  2. And I am a BIG fan of yours, after all you were my coach! Oh, those poor Moonkin, yikes!

  3. Nothing like a codpiece to say I Love You,

  4. I was really touched to get a mention too. It's always nice to hear that someone you like also enjoys the look (and functionality) of your blog. I did my 'live interview' tweets so I could pretend I was there when I had to miss it that afternoon. :P

    1. That's some funky chicken, keep it in mind for next year's Mardi Gras celebration

  5. @TotA - LOL makes me glad I won't be a chicken!
    @Matty - LOL
    @Cymre - I think everyone likes the look of your blog


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