Guild gossip for the week

So this is what was exciting during the last week in the guild, Frostwolves....

 Falln got his camel!  He had logged out next to one of the spawn points and when he logged back in his NPCscan went off and the camel was right there next to him!  He was absolutely stoked, and here is the lucky fellow on his grey riding camel and showing off his sexy title.  Grats Falln!

Souglyy did the fishing competition on Saturday in Northrend and she was excited when she got the shark, hearthed back to Dalaran and there was someone standing there looking at the vendor and she quickly handed her catch in, and won the contest!  The poor person who was standing there trying to decide what loot sighed at her... but gosh he should have handed that in earlier!  Grats to Salty Souglyy!

Tacky showed me his new pet which is from Diablo 3 Collector's Edition.  Hardcore!  I would have thought Tacky already had D3 from having the yearly subscription but now he has 2 copies I guess!  The cool little pet has a little trail of fire running around.  Apparently shoots lasers from his eyes, but I didn't witness that in the time I spent clicking and watching him.


  1. From what I read if you had the annual pass and bought the CE for D3 then they just credit your WoW subscription for the amount of the "Free" digital copy.

    1. @WWadeII - I didn't know that! Now I have to ask Tacky more about it.

  2. Yeah I got 3 months of playtime to give to one of my Warcraft accounts with the Diablo 3 collectors. I simply entered the D3 code into my battlenet account to upgrade to collectors.

    In-game Diablo 3, I got a pair of inks with infinite uses (you can dye armour in Diablo 3), and an item that gives my characters Angel Wings.


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