First step into the Arena Tournament

I thought it might be fun to do the Arena Tournament this time around.  Lushnek mentioned it to me twice, and that the closing date was 22 May, and I thought well, it might be fun.  I had to convince my arena teammates though.  There was the option of getting a pet if you do 50 games, so I thought that might be at least worth something, but I really wanted to see what some of these ultra good players were like.  We were all going to be on the same level, same gear, with only skill, team composition differing us.  The teams had to be 3s.

I told Sev, he seemed keen, and I told Shaba too, and he seemed keen as well to try something new, especially with raiding winding down this close to patch.  It did cost money to get onto the Tournament realm, but those 2 aren't strapped for cash (the advantage of playing with adults and not children) so we all went in and started trying it out.

I was the first one there, and boy is it strange to be on a realm with no NPCs except for vendors.  It took me ages to get my gear right, the gems and enchants on, and to fix my bars how I like them. And even then I kept finding things I'd forgotten.  Like when I went Bear form in a duel and found no abilities on the bar... and no warstomp...

They boys took just as long to get sorted as well.  I decided to practice duelling  whilst I was waiting and get warmed up.  I thought that I would practice my survival skills against all these elite people outside.  But, I found that maybe not everyone is elite - there may be a fair few pet hunters out there, because there were some shocking duels.

Not to be mean, but really...
A resto druid should NOT be beating any DPS class in a duel.  EVER.

It made me worry a bit, and also a bit of hope, because maybe my team could beat these poor little non arena'ers.  I killed a warrior and a rogue.  I was shaking my head.  Then I duelled a decent warrior, who asked me if I played a druid on live, and made me concerned that I was not playing well, but he just said that he was curious because some people pick it up really quickly.  Then there was a warlock who wanted to duel me and all he did was drain my life.  He didn't even dot fear and drain.  He just stood there draining.  His pet didn't even attack me for more than a minute.  I resigned from the match after 12 minutes.  I whispered him and said "Is that how you normally play an affliction warlock?"  and he said "No, why?" I replied "You should dot and fear more, not stand there draining.  If it takes you 12 minutes to kill me that's 11 minutes too long and my teammates would have killed you.  I wouldn't recommend doing that for a real match."  Maybe I shouldn't be giving advice on how to kill me, but I'm here for a good game, not a cakewalk.  Well, maybe I wouldn't mind a cakewalk :P

Oh and you wouldn't believe this.  On live Sev's felguard is named Bheetom (Beat'em), and on tournament it's called Luuzhem (Lose'em).  A BAD OMEN I tell you!

So we started out and tried a few games.  We won a few, we lost a few.  I think it really showed our lesser skills when we came across a team with the same combination as us and they creamed us.  I really need to work on my LOS and CC more.  There was one team, a shaman, warrior and mage team that kicked our ass the first time around, but the second time we gave them a good run for their money but they ended up beating us.  I had died, and the shaman had died, and it was left to two squishies versus mage/warrior, which I knew would be bad because Sev would be constantly interrupted and the mage would be CC'ing Shaba.  But it was a good learning experience and we can only get better.

I am not quite sure when the season starts or ends, or when we have to get our 50 games done by.  Just keep doing them I guess!  And hit our 50 games for the pet as our consolation prize.


  1. Oh no, had written a comment here and half way through got the blue screen of death, things aren't looking good.

    I love the shot of all the NPCs on their pedestals! I'm looking forward to reading about your matches!

  2. If I had to pick one lesson above a it would be this one Navi: most of us are just trying to have fun and don't know what we're doing. The big talkers are just that, and I am trying not to be intimidated by other players ever again. Wish me luck with that!

  3. @TotA - Oh no, your poor computer! By the way I'm glad you're alright, I was worried. Hope you're feeling better!
    @Matty - Oh I hope that I'm not sounding condescending. I think it was because I thought everyone on the arena tournament realm would be those amazing 2400+ rated gladiators that I was expecting some tough times and was hoping to learn a bit more from battles. I am not an expert, merely an enthusiast, and it just seemed weird to me that people came to tournament who didn't know how to arena (and even though it is fun to arena, it's definitely demoralising to lose 20 games in a row, and the fun gets sucked out just a little bit...) :P
    LOL and good luck with not getting intimidated! Maybe you'll be doing the intimidating /scared /grin

  4. I told you nav.. Loads of people do it for the pet, there will be some terrible people on the realm -Roshi


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