Fiddling with Navi's transmog again

I do admit that I wasn't 100% happy with my 100k winning look.  The judges pointed out my weapon - even I was trying to find a different weapon the night before, so I myself had difficulties with that weapon!  And of course, I was using a staff, which I don't normally use for raiding, and the weapons and offhand I use for raiding don't match very well with that outfit.  AND I am still fiddling with the belt - trying to figure out if the belt from Ulduar (Belt of the Crystal Tree) is a better match than Belt of Slithering Serpents, or if the shoulders from Trial of the Champion (Mantle of Gnarled Overgrowth) are a better since they match the kilt better.  Though I do still like the woody look of Hateful Gladiator shoulders.

So I decided to mog my weapons and offhand, and make them look a little bit better with the whole outfit.  The problem with Power Torrent is the purple glow makes it look a bit off, but when it glows orange/red it makes it look a whole lot better.

What do you think?  Better right?

I used this burning tree branch with green cloth wrapped around it (Warsong Punisher) with Dungeoneering guide - both of which are easily obtainable (if you're horde you buy the mace from Borean Tundra, and if you know a good inscriptor who can make you the offhand).

Now I feel a bit more like a winner.


  1. Oh, nice, those do look better!

    The ToC shoulders do match the kilt really nicely, but I love the way the shoulders you're already using look in combination with the chestpiece and the hat.

  2. @Kamalia - much more druid like I think! I'm glad you approve. The only off thing about those ToC shoulders are the furry white/grey bits at the edge of the shoulders. If it didn't have those I might be tempted to change, but I do like these shoulders a lot more.
    @Tout - TY Toutie :)

  3. That mace looks wonderful, I wondered what you were doing in Borean Tundra. You look much more druidy now!

  4. I agree with Ancient, much more druidy than before. Lookin' good! "Meee-oooow!" .....err I mean "Moooo-oooo!" ;)

  5. @Ara - it's an easy to get one too!
    @TotA - I think it's a very good mace for a druid :) glad you approve!
    @Euphy - Moooooo! :D


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