Diablo 3 is upon us!

It's Tuesday, it's maintenance night... what better day for the launch of Diablo 3? Now I am not a Diablo player, but having got the yearly sub I want to have a look and see what all the fuss is about.  I do wonder, what will it do to WoW?  I am sure that there will be decreased activity in the game for a while - which is great for those who want to do some farming/rare hunting etc.  But I wonder, how long will everyone be enamoured with D3?  For some it could be a LONG time!  After all, it is another Blizzard game, which means it should be outstanding.

Most of my friends are going to be on Diablo tonight.  So as I belatedly download my game, I have to wonder, how many of them will turn up to raid tomorrow?

With the decline in raid interest, I think that 3 nights of raiding is the right thing to do.  It gives everyone the freedom to play other new shiny games, as well as give us just enough Dragon Soul to keep us interested, but not too much to burn us out.  Though I can imagine that quite a few of my guildies are burnt out from DS already.

Where then, does that leave me?  I admit that I would be happy to focus on some PVP if raiding declines.  Or some farming.  Or maybe work on that warlock...

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what raid time tomorrow brings.  I bet you we will still be raiding.


  1. I got up this morning and I can't decide what to do. Take a look at Diablo 3 or continue trying to make money for Mists.

    Maybe I'll just take a peek, a little tiny one!

  2. Don't worry Navi! I will be there tomorrow! Hagara needs to drop my shoulders still ...
    - Aza

  3. I hope we still raid, i want to down madness heroic before we give up!


  4. I had a look at Diablo, played for about 20min or so, and I didnt like it at all. I love my WoW and will continue to love it. I hope we still raid but I do agree that 3 nights would definitely be better.

    Souglyy (Baha)

  5. ill still be there raiding the 3 nights,and theres still plenty of time for d3 before and after raids.


  6. Unless people really need certain gear it might be worthwhile extending the reset every 2nd week for more progress time.

  7. I'm only really keen for Wednesday/Thursday raiding. Sunday/Monday never seems to happen anyway.

    We really need to extend the lockout to get decent time on spine.



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