Art within Azeroth

Ancient showed some framed pics on the walls of Stormwind - I have never personally looked at the pictures there as I'm too busy running for my life looking for somewhere to hide!  But maybe it's just Stormwind that has a bit of an art paucity.  There are many fine examples of art scattered throughout Azeroth.  And of course there are some which are not so fine.

These were on the wall of a house in Tanaris.  I don't quite remember what it was but there were Southsea pirates or some sort there, so I assume it was a quest.  Looks like it was a family home before the pirates came.  Wonder who all these people are?

Goblins have an interesting idea about art.  At least they have their resort rooms decorated with pictures.

And here is the selection of Dalaran art.  As limited as Stormwind, I have to say.  Lots of pictures of Northrend scenery!  I have to say that "big fish catch" is a bit... gruesome.

So what other works of arts have you seen around Azeroth?  If I find any more I'll have to update this post.


  1. hmm those pics make me want to go through Stratholme and look through the art in the library ! :)

  2. there's paintings in SM too =) In fact some of the above are in SM library

  3. That's the one I was remembering! That googly-eyed man! Just don't remember where he was. I hate that I have too much rl work right now. I want to check so many places for artwork, lol!

  4. Scarlet Monastery is a fantastic place for art too, and I've long had your final shot saved as a potential postcard for my blog but it seemed a bit lazy - here's some art of art! :D

    Have a poke around in the Gallery of Treasures, SM Library:

    Also, KARAZHAN. I've an unused shot from The Celestial Watch for ages... [update] can't find it. But it's probably Medivh's family. Netherspite's room, above the door (behind you) as you enter

    1. @Rioriel - Ooh I was going to ninja your pic (with credit to you of course!) but I just realised that the one in SM is the same as the one of the ones from that house in Tanaris (guard in blue)! Though yours is a much better angle. Ohhh I will have to go to Karazhan now just to look for pictures. Thanks Rio for the tip!

    2. Feel free to ninja anything I post, it's never a problem! I've always got unedited fullsize originals too. You know how to get hold of me :) x

  5. Also the ones in Strat, particularly live side with the quest guy in that room towards the end.


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