Arena tournament - farming and being farmed

We are still ironing out our strategies, and the games last night were a good example.  We were still going for the charge and run in thing, and the team we came up against, a shaman/priest/warlock combo is usually difficult for us.  We decided to try to cc the healer and kill the shadow priest, but that went abysmally because shamans are really hard to cc in the presence of a priest.  Fear them? Tremor totem gets rid of that.  Sheep them?  Dispelled by the priest.  Sev doesn't like shamans because he doesn't feel like he can do anything to them.  So they killed us the first time, and we felt a bit bleh.  We discussed it and decided the best course of action is to kill the shaman.

We then got some other high rated teams who just wiped our faces on the floor.  We put up a good battle with one of them the second time we got them, but still the warrior was just too much for me.  

So then we got the shaman/priest/warlock combo again (whose team by the way was called Farming HKs with Kony) and this time we went for the shaman.  All I did was smash totems.  That got them confused that time.  And the DPS were a bit more confused I think because their healer was getting killed so they were trying to cc and control Sev and Shab so I just threw a few whirlwinds on them.  So we were happy, we gouged some points out of them for our earlier loss.  But then, those poor suckers, we got them again... and again... and again.  I think we must have played them about 5 or 6 times and killed them each time.  They did well though, trying to modify their strategy, which was to mana drain me which I hadn't noticed the first time but once I did notice it, it was easy to shift away from it.  Then they tried the mind control but that didn't help either.  After the 3rd time we killed them we thought we'd give them a break and let them play against someone else for a while, but they must have thought the same because we got them again.  I whispered them to apologise and ask them to queue now as we were taking a queue break to let them play someone else and they didn't want to, they were happy with playing against us.  "It's good practice for us lol" said the Shaman, and the priest said "Nah, it's all good, there's nobody else in the queue."  So they nearly got me the last time but at least we beat them in Blades Edge Arena so we could get our World Wide Winner.

People can still be nasty, and there were some demonstrations of nasty out at Gurubashi arena.  There seemed to be a lot of activity there, so we went down to look at what was going on.

Look at all those bodies and skeletons!  Now it turned out there were 3 flagged people who were just ganking people.  So someone would stand in the arena asking for a challenge and then the others would come and gank them while they were in mid battle.  Or, a poor flagged person who was standing outside the  arena would get deathgripped into the arena thing by the DK and then the rogue and the other person would finish them off.  One poor mage, clearly not someone who played on a PvP server, was getting killed a lot and getting quite grouchy.

So back to games.  We went on to another group who were just farming us, so after 3 losses to them we decided to call it quits and went to live to arena and PvP.  I'd had an awful battleground earlier, where I was the person with the highest health so I had to flag carry which was crappy because I would much rather be healing the FC, and of course I died, and I afk'd out of that game.  So our first game, Isle of Conquest was crappy (remind me when Shab says let's go kill glaives... that it's a bad idea!) and then our AB after that was  another loss but not bad, and then after that we had a nice Battle for Gilneas with a 3 cap win.  So that was good finisher for the night.


  1. Steathies are supposed to kill those glaives but usually they don't, so someone has to! Usually works to hide behind the house, invis up and meet the glaives on the road to kill them. Honest!

  2. I knew you'd been PvPing when I downloaded you from the armory to model viewer. I was surprised though you didn't look the same as your armory picture and then I realized transmogs don't stick in model viewer!

  3. @Shab - ok next time I will follow you and hope it works...
    @TotA - Oh I must have looked so strange!


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