Air'ka's turn to play - Deelablow

Daddy thinks it's funny when I say to him "Mummy plays too much World of Warcraft."  He told me to say that to Mummy.  She didn't look very happy.  She asked me "Do you want Mummy to stop playing World of Warcraft?"  I said "No."  Then she was happy.

Uncle (Lushnek) came over and he was playing a different game, and he let me watch.  He was using Mummy's computer and so she couldn't play World of Warcraft, and he said I could play.  So he made me a new character to play and said I could play it while Mummy and Daddy and Uncle (Lushnek) had dinner.  They told me that this new game was called Deelablow.  He let me name my new person.  I called her Nbjjj.  She's a witch doctor.

Oh I said it wrong.  It was Diablo.  And do you know what is the really good thing about this new game?  I can kill things.  I use the mouse to move and it's really easy, and then there's money to pick up on the ground, and we can kill zombies!  Zombies eat your brains.  Just like Plants versus Zombies.  I just have to press the mouse and I shoot things and they die.

I was playing for a while and then Mummy and Uncle (Lushnek) said that I can wear some clothes.  I had some clothes in my bag.  There was a something that looked like a circle and Mummy said that was called a shield, and I wore a top and some pants.  And I had a knife.  Mummy told me to pick the one with the biggest numbers.  There was lots of writing, and I asked Mummy "What does that say?"  she said all I had to do was look at the big number.  One of the big numbers was 9.  I like 9.  9 is before 10.

Then something happened and Mummy had to come help me because I didn't know what it was.  She fixed it and said now I can press the other button on the mouse, the right one, and I can do more magic too!  I can kill things very fast now.

I like running around.  I can talk to people and they talk back.  I can even hear them talking.  I'm not sure what they said, but the pictures are nice.  I went into rooms and I picked up books and into dark places too.  I got a bit lost and I needed Uncle (Lushnek) to help me get out because Mummy gets lost all the time and she doesn't know where she's going either.

Mummy doesn't play this game that much.  I asked her why.  She said she played it once but she gets confused because of how you have to use the mouse to walk around.  And she says she keeps getting lost, and if she doesn't play with Uncle (Lushnek) she doesn't know where she's supposed to be going.  And she said zombies are scary.  Mummy gets scared easily.  She screams all the time when Zombies walk in front of her when she doesn't expect it.  She says she still likes World of Warcraft better.

But you know what?  I like this game better.  Diablo is better than World of Warcraft.  But my person doesn't fly like mummy's one.  I wish she could do that.  Then she could go places faster.


Air'ka is my 4 year old daughter (that's how she pronounces her own name), who loves to play whatever I'm playing.  These are her adventures playing Mummy's computer games, taken from her real life adventures.


  1. I can just imagine her playing... very cute. :)

  2. She must be very brave because I agree with Mummy, those zombies are very scary!

  3. I loved the story and Deelablow.

    For whatever reason, maybe as a parent, the "voice" that wrote this bothered me when it used the words kill and die. It just felt out of place.

    I hope no one takes any negativity out of that because it's not the case. It's just how I felt reading it. :)

  4. @Shab @Euphy @Cymre - :)
    @TotA - she likes zombies
    @JD - it's funny that you say that, she does say die and kill a lot. I guess it's I was trying to each her very early the concept of death, and I tell her we can die if you run away while crossing the road, or if you take your arms out of your seatbelt... and kill... well, I don't think she has ever told me to kill a person but in games she tells me to kill things all the time. I am 99% sure she knows they're not real and doesn't translate that to real life....

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    1. Aww ..How sweet!

      I think you have a new thing to keep going here, "Ari'ka's Game Adventure Diary"!

  6. @pando - :)
    @faithy - that's an idea!


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