WoW Crush

A soppy one as part of my contribution to National Poetry Month.  Something a bit different.  Inspired by those who inspired me :)  I wonder how many people have the same story as my two friends?

WoW Crush

She checks her watch,
It's time to go
Counting minutes
God, time goes slow.
She's driving back
And her phone rings
Could it be him?
Her heart's got wings.

She's logging in
To see if he
Is online now
Can't wait to see!
He whispers her
Which makes her smile
It doesn't leave
For a long while.

They're both in Vent,
Just him and her
They talk for hours
And time's a blur.
Nothing compares
To this feeling
Though bit obsessed,
Her mind's reeling.

Now on her mind
It's only he
How great he is
How he wants she.
She can't believe
Her luck's so good
Does he think that?
She wished he would.

"Does he like me
Like I like him?
Am I his girl
Or passing whim?"
She lies in bed
She's all alone
Wish he was here,
And not her phone.

How can his voice
Make her guts twist
Her chest feels tight
Oh how he's missed.
She dreams 'bout how
He'd be to hold
His lips on hers
And his hands bold.

Could this be love?
She wished it was
But it's too soon..
HAS to be, 'Coz
Don't want to lose
These feelings, now
She found them in
A game called WoW.


  1. Have to admit that I stumbled into my now-husband throug wow ;)

    1. Same!! =D

      Lovely poem Navi!! <3

    2. @Antlergirl @Euphy - Awww, you guys will have lived parts of this poem then!!! That's so awesome!

  2. As always I love your poetry! What a wonderful poem, I wonder who they could be, hmmm ...

  3. I love this poem in more ways than one, your words your writing it’s just beautiful.

    Souglyy (Baha)

  4. @TotA - TY! Writing that made me feel like a teenager again!
    @Souglyy - Your kind words are always an inspiration :D and I'm so glad you liked this poem.

  5. What a lucky guy ;) -Rosh

  6. @Roshii - I think she thinks she's lucky too :)

  7. Having been on the other end of two long distant relationships back in the day you nailed it! Very sweet!

    1. @Matty - Thanks Matty! Ah all those memories of being young!


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