Worst Warlock outfits - Sev in Karazhan

I was lying in bed last night, thinking about my levelling costume when I remembered I'd mentioned trying to dress Sev in druid cloth.  And then I remembered Sev in Karazhan.  In fact, he'll probably be very grouchy at me for even mentioning it.

The Curator was one of the bosses in Karazhan - the big robot librarian.  He would shoot arcane bolts (I think they were called Hateful bolts) at an "offtank" who was high on the agro list.  We had Sev in that role.  And as part of his "tank set" he had to wear the Arcanoweave Robe.  It's a pretty robe, but not on a male orc warlock.  We used to laugh, because we couldn't help it and he would make sadfaces because of his look and because it did also gimp his DPS a bit.

Sev might think he was lucky because I don't have any screenshots of him in those days - however I do have a Karazhan video (the low res version can be seen here on Youtube, and on the Frostwolves Gallery page) and in the time frame 1:15 to 1:29 you can see him standing to the left of the screen shooting shadowbolts.

In fact, I think it may have been during the time when there was a bug that made warlock shoulders REALLY small.  I can't even make out what he was wearing.  Maybe I'll ring him tonight and ask him what he was wearing back then.  He might even oblige me if he doesn't realise why I am asking.

But I'll have to ask Kamalia to see if she can recognise what he is wearing.

Update: Oooh I asked Sev and he told me what he was using!
Shoulders: Spaulders of Oblivion
Weapon: Terokk's Shadowstaff


  1. OMG Sev has an IMP Out !

    - Tout

  2. That was back when afflocks used imps as mana batteries Tout - didn't let them dps, it wasted their regen mana.

    And yes, the 'flower robe' did look awful. :(

  3. @TotA - Isn't it dreadful? You can imagine how we all felt having to look at him and not laugh.
    @Tout - I thought it was for survivability but I forget. Sev explained it in his comment
    @Sevrus - The robe was pretty, Sev. Just not on you unfortunately.

  4. Lol, I recognized the Arcanoweave Robe right off, but the picture was too small and blurry for me to be able to have any idea what the shoulders were :P


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