Worst Dressed Warlock

I realised that I couldn't dress Navi as a warlock because there are NO Tauren warlocks (which makes sense, since they embrace fel and demonic energies and Tauren are all about the Earth mother and living things... however, surely they can have renegade Tauren?  I mean, Azeroth is multicultural, and we have Tauren in Twilight Hammer, surely some Tauren would freely choose to embrace the nether energies to do their magic....), so I had to make do with making a laughing stock of my goblin.  Lucky it wasn't a gnome - that in itself is cause to be laughed at...

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Saga of Spellbound was having a Worst Warlock outfit competition as part of her 2nd blog birthday. 
So let’s turn it around. Let’s find the worst possible Warlock outfit available in the game. Something that would make other Warlocks shun you and not let you near them. Something that would make your demon take one look at you and return back to the Twisting Nether laughing all the way.
Erinys did a really impressive one - it was reading her post that gave me ideas in the first place!  She dressed her dwarf in druid like cloth garb - that was really funny to me, and I hope she wins with that fantastic entry!

Erinys' cloth druid look was so cool, that I was thinking of paying Sev to dress like that.  Or Aza.  But then I'd have to go farm that stuff for them... and if any of it was soulbound then that's going to be even more painful.

I thought I would go for the wholesome look.  After all, warlocks to me are all about death, skulls, wings, fire (green or red) so priestly looks are something a warlock shouldn't be going for.  And to me, warlock colours are purple, red, green and black.  So I chose blue as the base for my outfit.

Head: Windchaneller's Miter
Shoulder: Windchaneller's Mantle
Chest: Sage's Cloth
Hands: Mooncloth Gloves
Belt: Vindicator's Mooncloth Belt
Legs: Sage's Pants
Feet: Boots of the Full Moon
Staff: Whiteout Staff

Now if my imp doesn't run screaming from my holiness, then I'll have to use the other set I was thinking of... I call it, the levelling warlock.


  1. You could totally sneak into a Priest convention dressed like that and no one would suspect a thing, until you started stealing souls that is.

  2. That's a lovely outfit, but it's pretty Fail for a 'Lock, all right.
    So, what is your "leveling warlock" set? That MUST be quite horrid! :P

  3. You're right, she looks too good natured to be a lock

  4. @Erinys - I think the hellfire might give me away... unless I was affliction...
    @Kamalia - Oh I should put a pic of the levelling warlock! It's HORRIBLE! I'll grab it when I get home.
    @Cymre - I think she exudes "goodness" as opposed to "evil fel energies" :)

  5. Oh no! She looks kind of like a holy, school crossing guard, shepherding children on an outing. She must really be mad about this. I'd watch out for retaliation from her!

  6. @TotA - I wonder if I can be a white warlock, like a white wizard!

  7. It looks like she's ready to do some stretches and then go out jogging. =P

    1. @Euphy - LOL I did like the sporty look of it :)


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