Where's the Dust in Dustwallow Marsh?

I'd better see Theramore before it's gone!  After Southern Barrens I headed down to Dustwallow Marsh to finish the zones and see if it could give me any clues about what's happened on the Alliance side and why they are building a road that required the slaughter of my people.

A lot of the quests are the same.  The items at the burnt out house.  Easier to see now because there are little exclamation quest marks on the items!  Ogres wanting me to kill things.  Lots of spider killing.  You know, spider slaughtering is the only thing I don't mind killing.  Big yucky hairy creepy things.  Even those ogres have it right about that...

That strange fellow in the hut and that gargoyle who has been making weird things happen around Witch Hill - those quests are still the same.  Though, this time I didn't have to do that quest with those funny electrical discharging pillars - maybe it's an alliance quest, or maybe it's gone, I didn't really look.

Then we found out that those nasty Grimtotems are at it again!  Stirring up trouble and misleading us!  We went to question people and they were conveniently killed, and there were some hints from the blacksmith in Thunder Bluff that the Grimtotems like to buy his armaments...

So I had to go kill some Grimtotems after that.  I would see more of them when I got to Thousand Needles though.  Oh, and Roshii told me to go look at "Dirty" Michael Crowe in Theramore, and had sent me a pic of him in case I never got around to doing the quests there, as another NPC reference to Dirty Jobs, saying one of his lines.

And so, Dustwallow Marsh was done.


  1. The zap the slimes quest is still available, you just need to get the starting quest from Tabetha I think.


  2. Leveling is so fast now I think I completely skipped Dustwallow Marsh on Undead. Wonder if I have time to get all these done before Mists.

  3. @Ayelena - But Tabetha has no more quests... she only had ones for attacking the Grimtotems. Maybe I am missing one from somewhere else. Lucky I didn't need it for the achievement!
    @TotA - I'm sure you do, if you stop playing all those damn alts! Hmmm, maybe take one of the new alts through the zone?

  4. I think i have done most quest in most zones probably many times now, between my 10 or so alts... both alliance and horde...but don't know if i had the energy to fill them up in on to on...

    Navi where did you get all these time...


  5. Good to see you finally getting around to doing these. Ancient did a really good post a while ago about remembering Theramore before it's invaded. Reminds me to go visit the place on the beta later...

  6. @Ksret - I don't sleep much Ksret :) And playing WoW at work helps :D
    @Cymre - I'm SLOWLY getting there! I just have to try to finish them before Mists hits!


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