A well dressed sir... or hound

Effy made another Mog Challenge, and since Matty said she wanted to play, I wanted to play too.

The Gilneans fled their home with little more than the clothes on their back.  Everything that was high-society Gilnean fashion was lost except a few pairs of dress robes.  Mr. Amateur, I challenge you to create an outfit worthy of an aristocratic Worgen.

They were a well dressed lot those Gilneans.

 Now this was actually a lot harder than I thought!  There are so many nice dresses and suits out there but one other stipulation of this contest was that it had to be transmoggable.  So I went to use one of my favourite pieces - Tree Bark Jacket.

That item of clothing also happens to be the name of one of my favourite (now retired) druid blogs, by Keeva (who btw is another Aussie!).  I actually had one drop the other day for me when I was running BFD for mog gear, and I was so excited!  Then I was wondering what to do with it, and I just put it in my costume bank for some time when I wanted to dress up.  So I made my two 19th century costumes around that model.

I don't like hats though.  I tried that hat on the right but it just doesn't look right.  And when I tried to put gloves and bracers on, it didn't look good either.  So I've just stuck to chest, legs, boots, belt and hat.

Ok, so I was using Mogit, and I forgot that I actually have to LEVEL to make my worgen all wolfy so I decided to not do that and just use the human model.  I tried to pick a look that Ancient's druid would like.  I thought a beard went best with that outfit for the old world look.

So on the left, we have Tree Bark Jacket, with Eye of Flame, Nightsky Sash, Durable Pants and Master's Boots.

On the right I just wanted to show that having a hat looked silly with a purple outfit.  In fact it looked so bleh that I decided to stop making the outfit (you can see it has no belt) and I deleted it but not before I took a pic of it.  So I don't even know what items they are!

What a shame there are no pistols to transmog!  I had to use this shotgun instead... now he looks more like an American pioneer or something!


  1. I think the last person to complete this challenge is going to be the one she issued it to...

    Nice work Nav!

  2. Nicely done! He looks dignified and respectable and stuff. I think Ancient's Druid isn't the only one who'd give him a /whistle. ;)

    I love the Tree-Bark Jacket style in all of its available colors, but I definitely agree that your brown set works better than the purple set.

    1. Actually, now that I think about it a bit more, that brown outfit, with that particular gun, actually looks quite a lot like that yummy Darius Crowley in the Cathedral of Dawn, just before one turns into a Worgen. Bravo, Navi!

  3. @JD - I know you're busy, maybe you'll have more time after Sunday...
    @Kamalia - Having not done the zone I only remember Crowley from the Silverpine quests - I think Sylvanas had his non-Worgen daughter. Now maybe I should do more of the starter quests so I can see if I have subconsciously copied him!

  4. Geez, I go to sleep and wake up and have to catch up to you. He looks dashing! I know my Druid would love to meet him, drat, stupid phasing!


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