Wednesday raiding - Bad behaviour

We had 12 people turn up to raid today, and we spent 20 minutes trying to sort out who sits out.  Falln offered to sit out, but who would tank?  And Gutsy was here, so Bish was sitting out this week (and he wouldn't be here on Thursday anyway).  So we were left with one DPS to sit out - but who?  Do you sit out the person who doesn't need anything from the bosses?  Do you sit out the rogue who hasn't been here for a few weeks, but was on holidays, and is still doing his legendary?  Do we sit out Shaba, who never complains and often volunteers to sit out because he's the soft choice?  It was tough and we debated it for a long while.  In the end, Lushnek sat out, but it wasn't a true sitting out, because Aza subbed out when Lushnek needed something, so it was really Aza and Lushnek who sat out the most.  But Hwired and I discussed it later on how we should do it and it will have to come down to a rotation and whose turn - especially on farm bosses.  Obviously we could be more selective on bosses we're still struggling with.

We were worried that it was going to be like last week, but fortunately the first 3 bosses went smoothly.  Hagara took us a few goes, had a few bad dispels and some bad deaths, but we got it eventually.  Shabadu finally got Tier shoulders so grats to him!  I didn't want to be blamed for bad dispels (clearly they were Gutsy, not ME!) so I said I'm not doing dispels.  It was so hard to reist, and I only managed to keep that promise for one attempt before I broke it, so I just went back to dispelling again.  Hwired didn't want to try the standing in the middle bit, as they had done it before and it didn't work, and maybe he was right, but I am sure that if we had only 3 melee running around and the other casters standing still taking out the crystal things that phase would have lasted less than a minute.  Maybe one day I'll get to try it :)

Then Ultraxion was where all the drama was.  Gutsy said he'd sit out because he had all the stuff he needed already, so I was going to heal.  Voe wanted to take all the crystals and I said why, I want to heal too - if I can't heal, then why bother right?  He said you don't need to, and so we had to fight for the red crystal and he ended up getting it.  I got cranky and swore at him and then was childish and walked away from my keyboard so that I died in the next Twilight from not pressing my button, and then got mad at my fellow raiders for telling me not to play like that.  Roshii bore most of it, but Aza did too.  Anyway, I told Voe if he wants to do that he can heal it by himself, and he did!  So he did a massive 58k healing for Ultraxion solo healing which was very impressive (though he did require a few innervates, but that wasn't anything).  So that was done.

Then was Warmaster.  Again.  Gutsy and I were 2 healing it with Voe DPSing, and sat Augment out because lots of melee sucks on this fight.  I stuck by Souglyy which was good for me because we hardly died from barrages.  Which was nice!  But we didn't get it down so back to bash at it again tomorrow... I apologised to everyone for my bad behaviour, and then realised I wasn't raiding on Thursday... or if I was I was going to be late.