Wednesday raiding - Heroic all the way!

It seems like a number of guilds have hit 8/8 heroic on the server.  Don't know if we will get to be one of those, but we are going to work at 6/8.

Last night Bish was back and Gutsy was working late, so we had Hwired tanking, Falln offtanking/dpsing, Lushnek, Roshii, Azadelta, Shabadu, Souglyy DPSing, and Voe, Bish and myself healing.  Voe whinged a bit, but that's ok, I hadn't played with Bish in ages, so it was going to be good to play with him again.

Roshii was housesitting so he was playing "on a cardboard box" and his connection was so poor he didn't get on Ventrilo.  Which was the source of much amusement yesterday.

So we start on Morchok.  Roshii is ALWAYS on Morchok's side and so didn't realise he was meant to go to Porkchop's side, and so they were having fun with just the 4 of them there.  Hwired told Roshii to go over there, but didn't realise he wasn't on Vent, and so Roshii wasn't moving, and instead Shab was told to go.  Poor Shab nearly died on the way over.  But then we were done.

Yor'sahj next and we had some issues because blobs didn't die before they got to the boss!  Voe DPS'd this one, and left me and Bish to do it, and we had some funny issues before we finally got our kill down.  3 attempts?  When we wiped, Roshii went o.O and we told him all 4 blobs had made it to the boss.

Zon'ozz was ok.  I was on ranged, Bish was healing Aza and Voe was healing Melee.  I felt weird at first, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be - having watched Gutsy heal it I was worried about bouncing ball but the health wasn't that low - could be because the others were helping out.  I died because I dispelled Lushnek and myself and then was healing myself up and the ball hit - I thought I was far enough away not to get the ball, but obviously wasn't the case.  Anyway, after a rez, I fell way behind in healing, and Voe ribbed me about my poor healing.  But we managed to get it down.

Hagara was a bit of a struggle, but we got there.  The usual things hampered us - lightning not chaining, bad dispels, dying to Ice lance... last week they did the 2 people/2 people run around and chain which is what Cavendar told me his group did, and that seemed to be much better.  I died from an ice lance but the next attempt was a kill.  Vanquisher shoulders and Ring of the Riven!  Casters and people in my tier were excited.  Lushnek and Aza were the lucky winners there.

And you would think that Ultraxion would be easy right?  But no, it took almost as many attempts as Hagara, or so it felt.  The conversation was hilarious.  I thought we would just do the same old same old - Hwired/Roshii, Falln/Souglyy, Navi/Shaba.  Hwired was worried because Roshii wasn't on Vent.  "What?" I said.  "Roshii doesn't need Vent, he has DBM, he knows his slot, just tell him which one he's doing so he knows."
"But he can't hear the countdown," Hwired said.
"When the hell does he listen to a countdown?" I asked
"And how hard is it," said Aza, "is it to count to 1? I'm sure he can count to 1!"
"Roshii has never stuffed up Ultraxion," I said.  "I don't think he's going to start now."
Roshii was oblivious to all this.  Until this:

Roshii was pissed off after that.  "I"m not stupid," he said later.  And as Bish died from not pressing the button and HK and Aza, Roshii whispered to me "And why are they worried about ME?"

Another Vanquisher Tier dropped!  Chest this time, so that was pretty exciting.  Roshii got that.  I think he also got a belt or something earlier as well, so at least we had some gear being used!

So Thursday's assignment is Warmaster.  Off to do some homework.


  1. Roshii can you count to 1?
    ... cost we obviously can't...

    You guys are having fun @raiding it is good to see.
    Hopefully i can get back to it soon.

  2. -_- yes, i can count to 1


  3. aww..Faithy (hugs) for Roshii =)

  4. @Ksret - where are you Ksret? Haven't seen u in game for ages.
    @Roshii - I never doubted you!
    @Faithy - lol

  5. I am still around, just not on as often. Have to create an illusion to my gf that i hardly play (ie only play when she is not around) until she does not feel neglected... long story...



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