Un'goro Crater - Land of the Lost

Un'goro crater is a great zone for someone like me - it's FULL of in game references to pop culture!  The whole zone is like a reference to the old TV show Land of the Lost - where Will and Holly Marshall with their father Rick are transported back in time to an area full of dinosaurs and crystal pylons and light crystals (blue, green, red and yellow are the most common ones seen in the series - and they are the ones found in Ungoro).  You can see a blue crystal in the background of the picture of the Marshals below.

However, one of the funniest quests in the zone has got to be the whole series of quests give to you by Maximillian of Northshire.  He acts just like Don Quixote, who read too many novels of chivalry and goes out doing absurd acts of chivalry which end up as hilarious dismeanours.

In the quest Damsels were made to be saved, I could not help but laugh.  A male blood elf by the lake (Damsel by the Lake) had a crate in the water and when I got it out, Maximillian said:
"Maiden! Fear not, I seek only to steady the quiver in thine lower lip. Is that your purse that floats 'pon the water, so agonizingly close yet so perilously far away?"
To which the "Damsel" replied "What? Yes, that's my... crate. And I'm not a..."
Poor male blood elves... the second Damsel (Damsel in the Cliffs), I was standing there reading as he talked to the fair maiden, when suddenly he yelled "Now, cry not, as you fall not to your death, but into the waiting arms of my squire! Off you go now!" And he threw her off the cliff!  I was shocked - was I supposed to be down on the ground to catch this hapless creature?  OMG, would I fail the quest??  However, as she lay there on the ground, he said: "Before I take my leave, you must be told that it is not by my fault that you lay stretched on the ground, but by the fault of my squire."  If I could do a /facepalm animation, I would have!
The third Damsel with her parrot (Damsel of the North), that Maximillian did slay thinking it was a phoenix ("Curiously the bird does not become flame and ash. A phoenix that does not become flame and ash 'pon its slaying is a dire omen indeed."), I missed most of it because I was looking for a large bird, and did not in fact see the little parrot.

Then in the next quest "The Spirits of Golakka Hot Springs", Maximillian says to me: 
"I have seen the Light manifest itself nearby, in the form of Spirits floating by the shores of Golakka Hot Springs. Come, I must speak with them, and ask them for aid."

I saw those things.  Those mobs aggro!  Nutcase!  So I had to stand next to him while he said his prayers, and then the Furies started beating on me!  I just let them in case killing them stuffed up my quest.  His last prayers for amused me (he had to do the prayers twice).  Max mentioned Doloria, his sweet love, who is a reference to Dulcinea in the Don Quixote story.

And then "The Ballad of Maximillian" - he wanted to slay the Devilsaur Queen.  Bold words I say!  It would have been an easy feat for me, but no, I was strapped to the back of trust Pimento, and I could not do anything except throw rocks and stomp.

We approached her position.  Maximillian said "I see the dragon up ahead. She is larger than I had first anticipated."
He proceeded to taunt the giant Devilsaur...
"Dragon! Hear me out! I am Maximillian of Northshire, and I have come to deliver you. Your blood shall fill... "
The queen turned, and charged...

Throwing rocks takes AGES!  I never saw the pieces of armor that I could throw (Max did say stuff about using his shield and his shoulder plates, but I didn't get to throw them, apparently it comes up as an extra button).  We ran around and around while I threw rocks at it, and it gained, then fell behind, then gained and then fell behind.  The whole thing reminded me of the first Jurassic Park with the Tyrannosaurus Rex chasing the vehicle...

At last she was dead.  Phew.  And ooh my reward!  Which was a Toy Windmill.  Which IS a reference to Don Quixote - the phrase "Tilting at Windmills" means to attack imaginary enemies.  Tilting is referring to jousting, and the phrase itself derives from an iconic scene from the book.  Here is me and my windmill lance.

The Chasing A-Me (another pop culture reference to the movie, Chasing Amy) quest was different after Cataclysm.  No more hunting in the gorilla caves for the robot - she was outisde, and only needed some coconut juice to get started up.  She still didn't want to go home though.

And of course all those gorilla killing quests for their furs.  Sometimes they drop Empty Barrels - which is a reference to Donkey Kong.  Speaking of Nintendo.. I just realised all the Linken quests are gone! Awwww!

So Un'goro was fun, and I enjoyed myself immensely.  I guess you get that when you don't level alts and come back and do quests that I did 6 years ago!


  1. LMAO @ the damsel 'in distress'

  2. LOL! Love that screen shot of Navi perched on the back of his steed!

    And as always, thanks for pointing out the references, I'd never seen Land of the Lost so while I figured there were references I had no idea what they were to!

  3. I never would have caught that reference either - well done!

  4. @CateJ - I LOL'd at the BE male "damsel" :P
    @TotA - His poor steed having to carry my hefty weight!
    @Matty - I'm a nerd :)


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