A toy for Catwynn

Playing around with my Worgen, I thought it might be a great time to meet Ancient's druid - I hear she has a thing for human males.  However when I invited her to my group, she could not see me because I was phased, and that made me one sad puppy.

So, in another attempt to meet her, I decided to make a human male and have a photo opportunity!  And being the lovely elf that she is, she obliged, and as soon as I emerged from my cinematic, she was standing there, waiting for me.

I was immediately stunned by her statuesque beauty.  How could anyone resist this beautiful creature?  I was at a loss for words, but rapidly regained my manners.  Effraeti's post about Dead Chivalry went through my head, and I was determined to get started on the right foot.

A gentleman should bow to a great lady.
Compliments and niceties were exchanged.  A shame his punctuation isn't better.
Beautiful AND well spoken and punctuated!  What a rarity!
She really was such a stunning creature.
She was saucy enough to make even myself blush.
We shared a dance
And I kissed her farewell
My rogue was sad that I had to logoff and make a post.  I was worried that all their /say would make people think this was Goldshire on Moon Guard.  But they should be glad - their fated meeting shall forever be immortalised in pictures and words on my blog.


  1. I hope we didn't traumatize any new players with our silliness by moving the Goldshire action to the Abbey!

    Yeah, trying to type coherent sentences is why I'm usually left behind in groups, lol!

    I'm pretty sure Druid has gotten over Jarel Moor now that she has a new flame!


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