Thursday raiding - Warmaster Woes

We bashed at Warmaster all night.  And only saw Phase 2 once.  Me and Souglyy took turns dying from barrages, and we finally figured out the reason was because Sev was supposed to be buddied with Souglyy and he had been jumping in and then jumping out of the barrages, enticing us to go in and then jumping out.  I was having a dreadful time dying from barrages anyway and being stuck in cleaves and stuff.  I was bad one attempt, I let Sev AND Roshii die, because I didn't move into their barrages.  Roshii teased me about standing there staring at the wall when I was actually healing!  Healer tunnel vision FTL...

Az convinced me that I could take a barrage by myself and I DID survive one in bear and barkskin!  Then Az took one and he died and he didn't know why he took so much damage - perhaps he already had the debuff.

I started following Souglyy around and she and I lived longer and the attempts felt better.  Perhaps she was my lucky charm.

27 attempts we had.... and I bet the guild repair bill was more than 3k gold.  My bags were full of fortune cards.  I think I should put one at the end of each bog post for fun!

Well at least we were sorta getting to phase two... some of the time.  It was better than it was initially, but the bad mojo that was plaguing us yesterday was still hanging over our heads.

"The Path of the Faceroller is not the Path to Wisdom."


  1. Must of been a pretty Butterfly on that wall nav! I was 2 feet away and you let poor me die :(

  2. /hug And thank you for the fortune, I'll have to quit facerolling, who knew!

  3. @roshii - if only heal bars were butterflies...
    @TotA - Ty for the hug! And lol

  4. I just topped up the bank to 20k, try not to spend it all at once!

    Hope you guys get spine soon, would be so great for us to down a full tier while it's current, even if I can't be there for it.

  5. @Fueghan - Phew! Thanks Fue, we needed that cash injection :)


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